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things have been all turned around

Well, first of all, I'd like to say that today is my father's birthday. So I bought him a card, some jerky, some carmel popcorn, some candy, 2 weird al CDs and a pepperoni log. I think he liked it. It was all in a decorative bag and stuff. Hopefully he can enjoy his birthday, even though he had to work, and is sick. :/ I think it made him happy though, since I rarely ever get him anything. I needed to give something back.. if that makes sense. This last month has been crazy.. worlds are colliding, my universe is turning upside down. Dan got fired from his job (he worked with me) and then got rehired at the local 7-11 that we go to like twice a day for soda. I helped him with his rent by buying some of his books and the bride-sword katana from Kill Bill that he had in his collection.. (sweet). My birthday was awesome (sept 19th) it was talk like a pirate day, so Dan and Tony and I dressed up like pirates and went to a bar called Gooney's, and they were having a pirate celebration there. In fact, we fit right in. We got food, and captain Morgan's rum and coke, and had a good piratey time. We sang drinking songs and almost went on a treasure hunt, but it was getting kind of late so we staggered back to Kristel's and she took us home. More to follow after I watch South Park's World of Warcraft episode! WOOT! **********************************1 hour later********************************* Holy crap, I saw the episode where they killed Chef, and made him into a Darth Pedophile... LOL And after that, they had a whole episode devoted to world of warcraft.. WOO! THAT WAS AWESOME. :D Though I'm wondering why that hacker they were fighting could wear a helmet and no clothes, and still cast spells? Mages can't wear helms.. O.O Kyle's Dad also said he was a "Hunter" though humans can't be hunters, and he obviously had a sword and shield.. (aka warrior or paladin). (hunters can't use shields) and how did that guy summon scorpions? There is no spell that does that.. He was obviously hacking. Especially since he was oneshotting blueflagged people with a dagger and no armor on. O.o WTF? LOL Either way, that was a pretty wicked sword they had on the flash drive.. I mean holy crap that was cool. Totally broken though :D Sadly the guy they were playing against looked a little too much like me.. O.O it was scary. Aside from that, I got an awesome birthday gift for my birthday. two of my close friends I'll call them Mara and Levi, conspired to give me what I really wanted for my birthday :D. Levi was apparently okay with it, (they are together), but Mara came over and let me play with her feet for like an hour for my birthday, and it was hott. :D They are also apparently very much more open minded and kinky than I thought. :D I may have to move in with them. LOL Aside from that, I may also finally be moving out of my father's house. Yeah yeah, I know it's a bad idea, but it's high time I found another place. I am truly considering moving in with Mara, Levi, and Gobs (another friend of mine). It would be one room roughly bigger than mine, for $165/month, plus 25% of the utilities. I may have to get a bike to get to work from now on, and it will be a sacrifice, especially in the cold rainy winter months. But if all goes well, I'll be out of my Dad's house, and in much much better shape in no time. Also, apparently I didn't get fired from my job after my vacation.. My father had called up Dan to tell him that I had been fired, and for him to tell me. However, when I walked over to work the next day to find out what the hell was going on, they had no clue what I was talking about. So, when I listened to the answering machine message, it said something along the lines of: "Please contact us about your recent termination, due to poor attendance, (I had skipped a day before my vacation), call this person at this number.. for possible rehire.. blah blah blah". It didn't actually say MY name. In fact, I think they may have been calling for Dan. If I remember right, he got that job while he was still living with me. They may have considered my house as a reference or as his house. Apparently, I didn't get fired, and my sup wanted me to work overtime today. LOL Apparently, they don't want less of me, they want more! :D I might move in with them. It would be like a commune of deviant, brilliant, gamers, playing warcraft and having D&D orgies every night. bwa ha ha ha. :D I may even get more hot foot action. Who knows? :D Either way, I really got to get out of this house. I'm totally stagnating here. Oh, and Cherry got World of Warcraft! :D WOOT!!! I am so going to pwn her n00b ass with my l33t cock. ;D *giggles* I meant that in the nicest way possible.
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