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My New Holiday! All about "Gaming Day" Or as some people like to call it "Geekmas"

Personally I think "Gaming Day" may be more generic and boring, but it's at least descriptive.. Geekmas sounds like a negative connotation-toting rip off of Christmas.

So now here is my disclaimer:
While Gaming Day may seem obvious or simple, most brilliant things are. And while it may seem like a rip-off of Christmas, it is meant to be a replacement for it for us Atheist Gamer Geeks out there. Or anyone that wants even more holidays to celebrate this season. It is a secular holiday, so anyone can celebrate it, though it is meant for Geeks, Gamers, and Atheists mostly. However, I set it up for everyone.

History of Gaming Day:
Last year, I pissed everyone off, (and frankly they really pissed me off) with the fact that their constant probing as to "What do you want for Christmas" continued to get the same stonewall answer of "Um.. I don't celebrate Christmas.. for the love of God.. I'm an atheist!!! Not only that but I detest the horrible mindless vanity and greed of the season." Of course, jackasses still like to give me presents just to irritate me I think. Buttttt anyway, so it was decided that instead of getting presents for something that is against my religion (and I suppose for this figure of speech, atheism can count as a religion of sorts), that I would make up a new holiday for me and people like me. The great thing about it, is if it's popular enough, and spread out enough, anything can take off, just ask the guys that made up "International Talk Like a Pirate Day" (which incidentally falls on Sept 19th, my birthday).

So after the whole hoopla of Christmas was over, we had our own holiday celebration.. not with our families, but with the people we truly cared about.. our dearest friends. In fact, our gaming group. Which at the time was inseperable. We gave presents, drank Chocolate Nog, ate good food, and played D&D until we passed out (figuratively speaking). And that is the spirit of Geekmas.

So on to the Basics,

Day: The 26th of December, right after you've already opened your Christmas Presents which may contain game systems and you are bored and still on your winter breaks/vacations. (oh yeah, and already sick of your relatives).

The Concept of Gaming Day/Geekmas (I may rename it later if it sounds better as something like Gamephoria or something..lol) :

The celebration of Gaming Day is a celebration of playing games. Board games, card games, video games, computer games, even stupid games like tag and hackeysack. But mostly Video games and RPGs, but anything you consider a game is... fair game. LOL The point of Gaming Day is to spend as much of the day playing games as you possibly can. The whole day if you can, with as many people as you feel comfortable with, usually your close friends. Only relatives if you can actually stand them, because while it CAN be a family holiday, I don't really like my relatives much and didn't invite them..lol so feel free to do the same. You should know who would enjoy it with you anyway. Gamers, geeks, and funloving people.

In addition to gaming the whole day, there is the option of giving Gaming Day presents. Which are not all gaudy like Christmas packages, and can come in plain brown paper wrapping if you want to surprise, or something cool and game related if you can find it. Also, the gifts don't wait around under a tree or anything, you give them in person once the festivities begin and open them immediately to start with.
Guidlines for the presents are simple:
1)No clothing unless it has something to do with gaming such as being similar to something a game character wears, having Nintendo (tm) logos on it, or like having a game character on the shirt or something. Because frankly getting a present of clothing sucks ass, unless it's uber cool.
2)It basically should be game related. This is not a hard fast rule, but it is the spirit of the season. Giving someone a crockpot on gaming day is just lame unless you're going to use it to play some sick crock pot game..lol
3) Nothing Religious or Political.. save that shit for your coffee break.

And remember, these are just guidlines for the holiday, it is a very personal thing that can be customized for whomever celebrates it though. So don't think you can't change it a little for your group, cause you can.

After everyone has opened their presents, we bust out the traditional Geekmas Geek Food.
Such as:
Mountain Dew
Taco Bell
Burger King/McDonalds
(you get the idea.. nothing remotely good for you..lol)

And one major part of the Holiday is a drink that I invented last year for it which is just about the most delicious thing in the world.. it's the official drink of Geekmas (besides Mountain Dew) and it's called:
(recipe) It's really freakin' easy kids.. if you can't make this.. you're too stupid to be a geek

Take one glass
one carton of eggnog
one carton of chocolate milk
and one carton of milk (optional)
and one can of whipped cream (optional)

Fill your glass almost halfway full of eggnog and then fill it almost the rest of the way full with chocolate milk. Stir lightly with a knife or whatever you have handy.. (I guess wussies use a spoon). Now this shit is rich, so you may need to pour a little bit of milk to lighten it up to your taste. Once you have it mixed just right, top it with whipped cream if you got it. DAMN... I am a genius.. enjoy.

No, seriously.. try it.. it's fucking good... trust me.

Now as for the traditional Gaming Day food, anything that's considered really bad junkfood is fair game, and anything takeout is probably alright too. After all, geeks don't have time to cook.. we're lazy! :D

These are some suggestions for the types of games that would be appropriate for Gaming Day:
Dungeons and Dragons
Magic the Gathering
Any Console Video game, such as Mortal Kombat, RPGS, or Mario Kart, Mario party or super smash bros is a really good choice, also I could see enjoying a DBZ Budokai tournament with 8 players.
Vampire the Masquerade
Werewolf The Apocalypse
Hell, baseball if that's what you're into, though this is really not about sports.

Some Lame/Bad choices for gaming day:
Bingo.. (god.. what are you.. 80?)
Hackeysack.. (that is sooooooo boring.. that's like 7th grade playground stuff, but whatever floats your boat)
Tic Tac Toe (it's a good choice, but it only lasts so long.. and kinda too simplistic..only 2 players too)
Any kind of sport.. if we were into sports, we wouldn't be real geeks, now would we?

Like I said, these are doable choices, but poor.. like chess... I mean, sure if you only have 2 people there and they are big fans.. go for it, you could even give a decorative chess board as a gift. However, in a large group, you're just going to be the 2 annoying people oblivious in a corner somewhere. ;D

It's all about togetherness of antisocial people for the joy of escapism. And eating junkfood... lots of junkfood.

Okay now one more thing about Geekmas, you have to do one group thing that is mildly intellectual. Talk about a book, watch a deep film and have a discussion, visit a museum, go tot he library, something. Last year we went to the flower gardens to see the christmas lights, but it was more educational than .. say.. staying at home and digging the earwax out of our ears. (lovely visual.. anyway, pressing on).
It doesn't necessarily have to be boring, just go out and learn something new for the holiday. After all, geeks are smart, and if they rot their brains ALL the time.. they'll cease to be geeks and just become braindead hillbillys with X-box's.

And for decorations for geekmas, I would suggest, posters of anime characters, video game characters, etc. Put your game systems out on display for use during the festivities, make sculptures out of your spare dice, put your war miniatures in special formation, deck the halls with old controllers.. hell.. be creative, I can't think of everything. :D In fact, make some suggestions and I will consider adding them to the permanent legend of this holiday.

I know some of you are going to say.. Well.. hey, what about Sake and booze, man.. it's not a holiday without booze. Well that's up to you.. You can play all the drunk tetris attack you want, just don't blame it on me when you barf in the cheetos. Officially Gaming Day is a non-alcoholic holiday just because well.. most smart people don't drink, unless they are excruciatingly smart.. and they need to drown out the stupid. :D And if you do drink, you're dumb enough to drink.. :P lol (I apologize in advance for the hate mail that will get me). Anyway, I realize that every holiday will eventually revolve around alcohol for some people, so feel free.. just remember, I set it up to be alcohol free, and what you do with a fifth of whiskey behind an eighteen wheeler is between you and whatever people you hit.. and whatever god you believe in.. and your warden. :D

Also you should find time during the day to watch at least one really geeky movie. Be it Spaceballs, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings (HEY, IT MAY BE ONE OF THE COOLEST MOVIES EVER, BUT IT'S ALSO ABOUT FANTASY, AND THAT IS WHAT WE GAMER GEEKS ARE ALL ABOUT!!) The Matrix has my full endorsement, Legend, Labyrinth, hell anything with fantasy, sci-fi, or geek stuff. And anything Montey Python or Mel Brooks is definately okay for this holiday.. plus anime is a sure bet.

Other than that, Geekmas/Gaming Day is all about being together with your close friends, exchanging GOOD gifts, eating junkfood and choconog, and playing games till we pass out.

Feel free to celebrate this with your friends and family and continue the tradition. It was made last year in 2004, and we will celebrate it this year, as well. Keep in mind.

1) it's non-religious, so anyone can celebrate it.. even people who celebrate Christmas.
2) It's about being together and having fun.. don't let the competition become too cutthroat, though fierce competition is what makes this hand of mine glow burning red... IT'S LOUD ROAR TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! ...... um.. *blink* anyway, don't be a prick about it.
3) Drink Choco-nog, you know you want to.. I swear it's good.
4) This holiday is still in it's infant stages, but I think this is enough to go with for now. Any contributions to what you think it should be like will be noted and either integrated with praise, put on the backburner for future reference, or summarily tossed out and ridiculed. ;-) LOL
5)This is not intended to be a ripoff of Christmas, more like a game oriented alternative to those of us who have decided long ago that these holidays suck and want to make our own.
6)Oh yeah, and try not to make it too commercial.. that's one of the things I hate about Christmas.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not send me Christmas gifts... I AM AN ATHEIST!!!!
I don't celebrate Christmas.. and now.. to make sure it sinks in to the enormously thick skulls that some people have. I DON'T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS, I DON'T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS, DON'T GET ME CHRISTMAS PRESENTS BECAUSE I DON'T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS. I DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD, I DO NOT CELEBRATE JESUS'S BIRTHDAY, I DON'T LIKE GREEDY CORPORATE BULLSHIT, DON'T BUY ME CHRISTMAS PRESENTS.... I HATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEE CHRISTMASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Oh did I mention that maybe a Christmas present to me would be as about as inappropriate as giving a briss to an Arab? Giving Hannuka presents to the Pope? .. giving porn to a minor.. it's just fucking wrong people. SO please stop doing it.

If you are desperate to get me something. Get me a gaming day present. That means you truly love me.. because you actually listened to what I want, instead of what it is culturally assumed I want.

I just call December 25th "Sock and Underwear Day" anyway.. cause that's what I usually get anyway..lol and that is ALL the significance it has to me now.

By the way, Gaming Day is not about the obligation of giving for the sake of giving. It is about giving something that someone close to you will really like because you know who they are and what they like. Given because you truly care about them and not because some dumb holiday demands it. Which is why Gaming Day presents are strictly optional and should only be given at one's own discretion.

Okay.. I think I've ranted enough about that.. tell me what you think (if you can wade through all of that) I would be happy to hear some suggestions, comments, or whatnot. I'd also love to know if anyone is going to celebrate it with me. Goodnight.
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