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Oh man, Caffeine withdrawal headaches suck so bad.

Apparently I've grown violently addicted to caffeine during my stint at my current job. I have not had any for what ..a day or two now? And I'm already geting painful headaches and the emotional need for soda. Now, logically, I know how evil soda is for me, and how much damage it does to me. But PAIN and DESIRE and ADDICTION are very persuasive as well. Though as I don't like being under the control of anything except for a beautiful mistress with perfect feet... I will resist it as much as I can. I'd rather feel the pain than give in to an addiction.

I finally made it up to level 30 in World of Warcraft! Actually...level 31 to be precise, (level 30-31 went so quick, strangely enough). This unlocked a whole bunch of possibilities for Dareas (my mage character). I purchased some new spells like Fireball Level 6, Ice armor (adds over 200 armor to me, AND frost resistance AND slows opponents that touch me), Pyroblast level 3 which does about 330 max damage from 41 yards away and can stun (wow..I love that), and the ability to conjure spring water which is my level 4 mana restoring drink restores over 1000 mana in about 28 seconds. I also might be able to buy a hat for my character (not sure about that) and I finally got the teleport spell for Darnassus (in addition to ironforge and stormwind) Now I can teleport all over the world to the 3 major friendly cities.
9 more levels and I'll be able to buy a horse and open portals to those cities that others could enter. Woo hoo! My character is so cool. I have a cool sword now, and a big horned skull that I hold in my off hand that reflects shadow damage back on my attackers sometimes, and plus it boosts my armor by 50.

Well pretty soon at work I'll be getting another raise for being there for about six months, a 25 cent/hour raise so I'll be making $8.25/hour with as much overtime as I can stomach. I also put in a bid to change my schedule so that I don't have to come in at 5:30 am on Saturdays. I hope to push that back to 6:00am, because I've been late every single saturday since I got there. LOL

I bought a bunch of DVDs that I like recently since my DVD collection was sadly lacking. I bought True Lies, Napolean Dynomite, Beatlejuice (I know that's spelled wrong, so sue me), Monty Python and the quest for the Holy Grail, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigalow, Jackass the Movie, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, The Fugitive, Liar Liar, Me Myself and Irene, and Fight Club.
I think those are all purchase-worthy films. And if you don't like them.. then too bad for you. LOL
Well.. except for Napolean Dynomite, I hadn't seen that one until just yesterday.. Not sure if I'd buy it again had I seen it. But it was pretty good.

Dan and his new roommate Shaney and I went to go see the Corpse Bride this Saturday, it was pretty great, though it seemed very generic and predictable at parts. However, I still liked it and thought it was very cool. Plus both of the chicks in that movie were super duper hot. Yes, I'm refering to the main character's love interest, AND the corpse bride. I don't care if you think I'm sick.. she was fucking HOT ... for undead.. and Dan agrees with me.

Well.. I guess I'd better go back to my World Of Warcraft and spend my weekend like I want to. Blasting the forces of evil into tiny little burning pieces and then freezing those pieces till they shatter into more pieces, and then teleporting away like I was never there. :D
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