David Sharp (chaosmastermind) wrote,
David Sharp

Hallelujah.. what a great summer it has been.

Well, I know I haven't written in here for a long time but a lot has happened.. and well.. I said I would be a ghost once World of Warcraft was in my possession. Yes, Dareas my human mage is level 70 now... yes.. Kanetos my Blood Elf Warlock is also level 70.. plus I have scores of other characters high and low level. And yes.. WOW did consume my soul... :D

I tried out Final Fantasy 11 for a bit.. but it seemed like one long pointless grind and couldn't hold a candle to Warcraft. You can't jump (which irritates the shit out of me), the selection of emotes is pitiful, the characters look pretty boring and gay and all the males look bishonen (as in skinny feminine, and gay). And the Taru-taru are more puntable than gnomes.

The way they talky-walky makes me sicky-wicky.. so much that I might Pukey-wukey.

let's see.. I FINALLY got to take Dareas to MOLTEN CORE... wooo... didn't have any fire resistance gear, or even a full raid group.. but we killed everything in there except for Ragnaros.
The final boss we only got down to 5% health before he stomped so hard that he killed 75% of the group, flung me high up into the air.. over a wall and into some lava.. and then sunk back into the magma to release a bunch of his fire elemental children to destroy what was left of us.
Ouch.. at least I got an epic belt out of the deal.. though sadly it was crappier than the green one I already had from outland.. >.<

July 4th Kyle and Miguel and I all went to the lake and had a barbecue with Miguel's family.
We had hotdogs and hamburgers and chips and potato salad and soda and etc.. and played Chez Geek, and a cool choose your own adventure style book that involved dice rolling and mapping.
I did get a wicked sunburn on my arms and face though.. OUCH.. :D My blood pressure medicine says I'm not supposed to be exposed to direct sunlight.. or I'll burn... now I know lol

I finally got to meet Sherri... my online girlfriend from Warcraft.. it was amazing.. :)
I got to meet her and her family and Kyle and I took her out to have some nice hamburgers at a really nice shop in town. They have the best milkshakes and huge burgers, it was great.

I thought it would be really awkward and strange to meet his person for the first time since we had only ever met on the internet.. but I've known her for over a year online.. and spent sometimes several hours a day with her. The funny thing is.. she really was more wonderful than I had imagined.. more beautiful than her pictures... her skin was softer and prettier than I could have known.. and I fell in love with her all over again. :D yay.. uber rare happy moment for me. Hooray. I was really worried that she wouldn't like me for who I really was..
what with the dingy reality that is the full David Package :D What with my filthy room, and my long raggedy hair, my dorky glasses and my 400 pound fat ass. I truly thought she would never speak to me again after meeting me. I was wrong.. and boy is that a relief.

No I didn't have any real reason to believe that... it was just my own pessimism, fear, and self doubt, really.. but I've always been of the philosophy that you should smile and wave as the car comes right at you.. and hope that they swerve. Well not literally, since that would be suicide... but I mean....I may believe the worst will happen.. but I'll go along with it anyway just in case. :) At least I get what's coming to me lol.

So much has happened.. oh my god where to start.. I really just went on here to find and collect the pages of my book i was writing, and maybe add a bit to it.. but they are all spread way the hell out on here. hmm it'll take a while to find it.

Oh.. man.. I'm almost giddy thinking about it.. I got to hold her in my arms and kiss her beautiful lips.. it was a dream come true... I'm sad she had to go.. *sighs*

I'm still at the same shitty job that I hate.. living in the same piss-poor house in a tiny little bedroom that can barely contain my stuff, with world of warcraft and Sherri as my only happiness.. oh and those little prepackaged meals that they have for like 2 bucks or so at wal-mart.. I buy like a million of those. The Swedish meatballs and the chicken alfredo are to die for. :)

Oh yeah.. and we have kittens roaming and swarming all over the place now.. cute... :)

and I got a bunch of really cool clothes from the internet.. like casual pants with scorpions and spiders on them.. and fire.. and a shirt with a winged skeleton playing a guitar.. right now I'm wearing the fire pants :D I shall call them my Liar-Liar pants.. since they are on fire.
ha ha ha ha :)

okay seriously my life is shitty but there is a beacon of happiness in it.. so I guess it's not all bad.

Now if only a meteor the size of Texas would hit my workplace.. one with a very sharp point on it like a teardrop who's point seems to be exactly the shape of where I work.. :D so that once the point impacts and drills 5 miles into the earth's crust, it will break off and the bulk of the meteor would continue back into space. Of course the meteor would have to be comprised mostely of radioactive rocks and salt.. so nothing could ever grow there again.. and hopefully a volcano will form right on the site afterwards.

uhhh...or maybe a cholera outbreak.. that would be good. Anyone have a dead cow I can put in the drinking fountain? LOL J/K :D
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