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Okay.. so today has been awesome!

Well two totally awesome things happened to me today.

First and most important.. I got to spend the day with my awesome friend Roland, whom I haven't seen for three years, since he has been living in Japan all this time.

And secondly I just got my undead horse mount in World of Warcraft tonight.. :D woot! I'm naming him Shadowspawn. He's blue, and dead, and awesome.

Roland Came over and we hung out all day, listened to music, he showed me his Nintendo DS (which I had never seen before, we ate at Wendy's and went over to Dan's for a while. We kept questioning him about his life in Japan, but asking him details is like trying to pull teeth. ;) lol He only answers specific questions.. and since I don't know anything about it... I'm stuck asking general questions.. yeesh. Normally he wouldn't come down here but he had a family emergency that... I'm sure he probably doesn't want me talking about. So anyway, he's down here for a while. I've missed him a lot, since he's been gone for so long. I hope I get a chance to do stuff with him while he's here and not just miss out. We went out and had Chinese food with Dan as well, and hung out in a comic shop, checking out all the action figures and comics and stuff. So far it was a really nice day.

I came back to Warcraft to find that like 80% of my auctions went through all at once, giving me over like 16 gold and bringing me up to 62 gold and 88 silver... when my horse is only 64 gold.. I had more stuff in the auction house.. but I really didn't want to wait a whole day for a paltry 1.2 gold.. so Bector (my guildleader) almost couldn't contain himself to give me the rest. He's been offering to basically loan me the entire 64 gold, but I told him (on several occasions) no way, I want to earn it myself. And that's exactly what I did.. the last 1.2 gold or so I'm borrowing so I don't have to wait an additional day. Though he'll probably be insulted if I pay him back..LOL.

You would not believe the reactions I get from people on there.. just by turning down free money they look at me like I'm out of my Goddamned mind. I guess they are so used to getting stuff for free from other people that they have no concept anymore of a little thing called personal pride. I worked hard for that damn horse, I earned like 95% of it myself... and I am proud of it. Tony got his for free because he's a warlock and they can summon them.. Dan was given the gold by a guild member.. but I paid for mine.. Sure, it took me 5 additional levels to do it.. I'm level 45 now, but it was worth the wait.. now that horse and I are one fully dangerous unit of death and destruction. All bought and paid for, and I don't owe anyone a damn thing.. well.. once I pay back the 5 gold they let me borrow to get it tonight. Child's play..

I just would have had to wait one additional day is all.

I don't know.. I guess I'm weird that way.. I wanted to earn it myself. What's the challenge of someone giving it to you for free? That's no fun.. now I have something to be proud of.

Go Shadowspawn, go! Crush those gnomes under your stone-cold hooves! Feast on night-elf flesh, and I shall ride you into the Abyss itself!

I totally look like a deathknight now.. woot!

So, all in all.. today couldn't have been better without free sex. :D Roland, a mount, and Chinese food... /CHEER!
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