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Happy New Year.

Well, it's January 2nd, and I have a lot to write down about last month.

So here goes.

Okay, first of all, at work they installed a brand new security system in the doors, now we have proximity read cards just like the college dorms. You just pass the card near the reader and it electronically unlocks. Futuristic and cool.. though functionally no different than the card swipers we had before :P. They also installed cameras in the break room and by all the doors. They even put chain link fence in the freaking ceiling around the I.T. room.. paranoid freaks. The thing is, I was saying to Dan in the break room that all that security is a total waste of time and money because the real threat, considering how much they piss off their customer's and employees daily, is a crazed employee with a shotgun and full security clearance. Apparently someone over heard my criticism of their crappy security and construed it as a threat. :P Some people are fucking stupid. Ignorant, paranoid jackasses. :P Dan told me that they would be giving me a special "talking-to" and that they threatened to call the cops about what I said. Can you believe that shit? They have their heads so far up their asses that they can't tell an ironic commentary from a terroristic threat? What a bunch of fucktards.

I hate my job so much, the stress is starting to get to me. I can't take it anymore, I just want to quit. Every day I go there feels like they are crushing my soul and selling it to people who can't afford it. I feel like I'm being raped by the company. I.... just can't take it much longer. I don't think a vacation is going to do it either. Maybe if I switch to part time it might help.. but I don't think so.
You know when you suck a lollipop all day long and you're left with that soggy white stick? That's how I feel.. like the soggy white stick... LOL Man, the stress is starting to make me black out at home now.
Well, okay, technically pass out. I was watching a movie yesterday and then I closed my eyes, and opened them and it was 5 minutes later.. then last night, I was watching discovery channel and closed my eyes and opened them and it was 10 minutes later. It wasn't sleep though.. only black, I did not feel rested at all. It was like I just lost time. It happens to me sometimes when I'm playing World of warcraft late after work. I'll be walking to a remote town or something and bam... I pass out and wake up dead and logged off. It's starting to creep me out. So I'm basically that candle which you burn at both ends and the middle.. consider me a tiny burnt piece of whick with that job. O.o;; Not only that but they recently took away 10 minutes of our paid break per day and made a seating chart that I'm not even on! Now I have to FIND a free desk each morning, which will make ME late and get me in trouble if I'm not on calls on time. :P

We had a great celebration at Joe and Jessica's new apartment (which is huge and nice, by the way). Oh man, they have a badass setup with their computers. A banana shaped desk with one computer on each end, so they can play together at the same time :D awesome. I bet that makes World of Warcraft so much more awesome. :)

We exchanged Gaming Day presents and hung out for several hours playing games, drinking choconog, making pizza, and basically partying :D. Wade and Joe played Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) for a while and Dan played with the new Gameboy Advance SP I got him (with Super Mario 3 game), I played my gameboy with the same game cause that's what my Dad got me for Christmas. (I consider it a Geekmas present though..lol I got him an MP3 player which he loves.) I kinda like the fact that I had money to buy everyone presents this year, I've never been able to do that before, it feels good. I bought Shayny (Dan's roommate and girlfriend) the 2nd season of C.S.I. cause that's what she wanted so bad, and well.. she has me underfoot whenever she wants. :D She always lets me play with her feet, so I got her whatever she wanted. :D I guess I'm easy to win over..heheheheheh. All in all with all the food and eggnog, and soda, and gifts.. I think I spent about $350 on Geekmas. But hey, I'll remember that forever more. :) And I didn't have to celebrate Christmas either. yay.. Geekmas is wayyyyy better. :)

I got my World of Warcraft character Dareas up to level 41 finally and I FINALLY GOT MY MOUNT!!! YAYYYY!!
My character is officially not a newbie anymore. I have a horsey yayyyy.. I bought a pinto named Fireball for 78 gold and 18 gold for riding lessons. That took me weeks of working the auction house and doubling, tripling, and quadrupling my stock of Greater and Superior healing potions. Eventually I sold them all off to a huge profit, but it wasn't easy. I went without selling a single one day after day after day. Then finally I lowered all of the prices and people bought them for what I was selling them for before! Can you believe that strange ass shit? Fuck.. I don't think I'll ever understand that. LOL
I gotta maintain some inventory of potions though, that is a goldmine :) You can't make money like that just from questing. One or two comments about the mount though.. For some reason I can't configure it so I can actually hear it cloppity clopping around, I don't know what setting it is, but I can't hear my horse, so it sounds like I'm galloping perfectly silently.. lol It creeps me out. Also, you can't ride through water, and you can't fight, cast spells, or enter buildings with the damn thing. The only thing it does is increase your speed by 60%... which is cool, but damn man.. I feel vulnerable on that thing.
Well, I have 2 portal spells now, I can teleport an entire group to Ironforge(Dwarf capital) or Stormwind (human capital). Though the rune of portals costs 20 silver to buy and is used up when cast. :P I'll have to charge people 20 silver each just to use that spell..lol Otherwise they'll be wasting my money.

For New Years, we went to see "Fun with Dick and Jane" which I thought would be totally lame, but was actually really funny. I mean, Jim Carey was in it, so it had to be good..lol. We then went to Sizzler for like $39 worth of food that I paid for..lol :D right when they were 30 minutes from closing. Mmmmmm I love how Shayny keeps her feet in my lap now *blush* she's such a flirt. I can't help but love it.

After all of that, we went home and watched He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! Dan bought me the entire first season of it on DVD. :D I had no idea he would get me something like that for Geekmas! Woo hoo... we spent the next two days watching disk 1 and 3 (there is some kind of defect in disk 2 :(.
I had forgotten how cheesy that show was.. lol but I loved it. :D

He-Man is the man, man. He is completely invincible and defeats everybody with one hit.. LOL :D it's funny to watch these badguys try to fight him. Apparently he can deflect ANY blast of any kind with his sword, can throw boulders around, can pilot a spaceship, and can crush diamonds with his bare hands. :D His Battle-Cat however just usually stands there and roars... LOL :D I love how his alter ego Prince Adam is so gay that he actually wears purple tights, and a pink shirt and has a prince valium haircut. He has everyone totally convinced that he's a cowardly, lazy, buffoon. *laughs* It's the whole superman/clark kent syndrome, only Prince Adam doesn't even wear glasses!!! LOL They look exactly the same!!!!!!! They just have different clothes! LOL

Well, after getting bored and tired of watching endless episodes of that, we went to the beach with Shayny and Alain and Dan and Me. We hung out and had a great time on Bastendorf Beach, and I got to talk with Alain about some serious matters and our lives. Shayny insisted on swimming in the ocean.. which frankly at this time of year, with the storm going on, and that time of night, and this temperature.. is suicidal.. lol I hope we convinced her not to try it. Though her and Dan decided to get wet all the way up to their asses. LOL Alain is going back to Job Corps today, and we won't be able to see him for months. I'll miss him, he's going there to learn how to read and become a carpenter. I hope he succeeds for his sake.

Well, the everything seems to be going well, except this time of year makes me horribly depressed, and my job is stressing me out so bad I can't stand being there anymore. I need to relax... so I'll see everyone later.
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