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Labor Day rocks way more when you have a job!

This is what I've done so far this Labor Day weekend. Friday, I worked, since well.. I work on Fridays.
Saturday, I worked as well, since I work on Saturdays too. Saturday at around 4pm, my friend James and I went to the bowling alley and played for about an hour. Which was really fun, considering I never get to do that with anyone. I ordered a hamburger and some weird circular fries, and bowled in lane 12. (and of course, the requisite joke: I had 12 pound blue balls. LMFAO!) James had a pretty good average score of around 120, whereas my first game guess how many points I got? ..... 15! Yes, I'm not lying.. FIFTEEN points for the whole game. O.O;; god I suck.. lol I thought I'd never get past that first five that I did. Second game, I doubled my score to a 41 or so.. and next game I doubled my score again to an 83. When we were running out of time, we had a joke going that James was the master of the 2 frame perfect game. He rolled a strike for the first two frames, and then we ran out of time..lol Two frame, perfect game. heheheheheh.

After that, James and I went to Bounty Hunter Games, to see their new location, and hang out there. I wound up purchasing a $50 miniatures carrying bag, $45 worth of paints and brushes, a $14 Magic the Gathering online game, and I also ordered $200 worth of Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy stuff by catalogue. I'm planning on getting back into Warhammer, I just never had any money so I couldn't afford any models for it before. So this time I bought the boxed starter set, (which comes with a human and orc army plus instructions book, dice, etc), I bought a boxed orc army that they had for sale, and the codex (book on how to use that army) for the Orcs. Soon, my horde of orcs will be a playable force. Now I will just have to wait for them to ship, and then paint the bejeezus out of them (if I ever have time). I know that nobody in the area really plays Warhammer Fantasy ... but I DO. I don't give a shit about W.H.40K because I'm not that much of a sci-fi buff. I prefer swords and sorcery, thank you. James is into 40K, and he won't quit trying to get me into it.. so We'll see. The Orks in 40k have really cool war machines, so we'll see.

After that, James and I went back to his place and watch a hilarious movie called "Kung Fu Hustle". His Dad made us some really good chicken dinner, and we hung out chatting about Magic, and Warcraft, and had a great time. Then he drove me home and I went to bed.

Sunday, I woke up around 6:30 am (which is when I normally work) and decided to watch some of the movies I bought last Friday at Sam Goody when James and I were hanging out at the mall. So I popped in my DVDs and watched La Blue Girl 1&2 for the first time, and then had a nice home cooked breakfast. I spent most of the day watching "Dead Like Me" with my Dad, which I absolutely loved. Dead Like Me is a show on HBO about a girl who gets killed by a falling toilet seat from the MIR space station, and becomes a Grim Reaper. Her and her fellow reapers hang out at a waffle house every morning to get their assignments on little yellow post-it notes. Then they go find their victim, and they must touch them with the death ripple to remove the soul from the body before the person dies. Otherwise the soul will feel whatever kills them and be scarred by whatever damage it does to the body. Example, if they don't get there in time to remove your soul before you slice your head off while working on the lawn mower, you feel the full effects of it and your ghost will be headless forevermore. It's actually the best TV show I've ever seen, and my Dad bought it on DVD, so we've been watching it. It's dramatic, it's funny, the chicks are hot, the characters are deep, and I cry in nearly every episode. Not only that, but someone is almost guaranteed to die in every episode. :-) In fact, most likely several someones, if not a whole truckload. lol

After that I watched some episodes of an anime I also bought called Golden Boy, and we had a barbecue in the backyard. Mmmm we had bratwurst and hamburgers, and special potatoe salad. Yum.. I had some leftovers of that for breakfast this morning.

Then for dessert, I met up with an online girlfriend of mine whom I haven't seen for a very very very long time, and we rocked each other's worlds out of the blue. Oh Adria, you're such a good woman, *squirms just thinking about it* It meant a lot to me, falling asleep in your loving arms.

Which brings us to this morning. It's Labor Day, and I haven't done jack shit. I've slept nearly all day up to this point. I wake up every two hours to use the bathroom and get a drink, but other than that... I'm wearing a hole in my matress as we speak, and I love it. Thank you Grover Cleveland.. it is your desperate attempt to quell the political labor rebellions that allows me to sit on my ass today. *sighs happily* Hey, enjoy your Labor Day, people died protesting for this... an 8 hour work day, and the day off once a year. Don't disgrace their memory by working on this fine day. Have a barbecue with your family... or just do nothing at all. Being as I hate working so much, I am certainly down with this kind of holiday.

Enjoy! I'm going to see if I can cook a little something and then go up to level 26 in Warcraft.
But though it will be hard.. that my friends, is a labor of love.
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