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Let me be your footstool.

Please please, let me be your Footstool, mistress I beg of you just keep me under your soles.
Please please, and wiggles your toes right on my nose, then use them to take off my clothes.
Don't you see, there's nowhere on earth that I really would rather be. Than right on the floor, with you looking down on me.

Use your shoes, or stockings, or socks, or whatever you choose. Don't mind me, I'll be waiting right here so quiet and patiently for your touch, as you lean forward out of sight. With feet on my chest, and muffled protest, you leave me in darkness and scoot farther into your desk.

I can't see, as darkness and quiet completely encircles me, but I know, that soon you'll be restless and rub your soft feet on me. I don't know, whether I will mean anything to you, but all I know, is that I feel true happiness only by serving you. In this way I love you.

Please please, let me be your footslave, mistress I beg of you just keep me under your toes.
Please please, just tie me up under your soles, I'm totally trapped and exposed.
Helpless to you, bound by my need for you, giving my dignity up for the chance to just kiss the ground that you walk upon. Knowing you won't even care.

You'll make me rub them and paint them and scrub them, lick them and slick them and kiss them and hug them. Dress them and pull off your old sweaty boots, to lotion them, lick them, or simply just worship them.
And I do it so happily, quiet and diligent, I do what you wish without even a protesting moan.

And all in return, for just a short while, I am the only one in your eye. I am your most valued treasured possession, used and abused, but never ignored. Even with your toes stuffed in my mouth, you look down on me and might even love me. For it's hard to ignore it when someone adores you with all of their heart.

Please please, let me be your lover, treat me like carpet and then take me into your bed. I lie, in wait of the day that you'll see, that all I do out of love isn't only for me. And maybe in darkness and under the covers the tables will turn and you'll be under another, held down against the sheets with a daring and loving embrace.

And the rush that you get when you make love to someone whom you would give everything, even your dignity for, is the greatest most heart pounding feeling, better than any drug. Press your feet against my face as I shake, and I know that I still belong to you.. even though you are under my control.

God.. I must not have had any good cyber in a while. *yawns* I think I'll post this as a lark.
I've already exposed most of the sick twisted nature of my soul.. why not more? :D I know a few people this might get off. :D Feel free to leave a remark if this turns you on or disgusts you. I'm sure it will be amusing either way. ;-)
It was sorta meant as a song or a poem, but I tend to ramble, so it's probably not anymore. lol
Though usually my sex online is way better than that, though it does captures some of the essence of it.
yes, I know I'm a freak.. so sue me.
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