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Free Form Verbal Blight.

What poisonous words, and venomous tongue, and villainous mind have I.
For filthy and dirty, and messy, and flirty, my speech burns a hole in the sky.
With malice a chalice of prose overflows, and cleaner I've seen her while blowing her nose,
I cry with with my eye looking up to the sky and I spy something nigh as my mind summons death upon high.
And I might do a slight as I smite what is right with a might in my spite I blight out the light in the night.
I don't fear what is near as you steer away clear from me, I swear what is there is the darkness I bear on me.
So look here and listen as a poisonous glisten begins to spread quickly and coat your head sickly from words that I say and the venom that sprays as I cover your face with an acidic paste and I fill up your mind with all of the hate I can find.
Deep in my heart where the rancor will start, and I thought you were smart, but you're soul's a-la-carte to me. And once you are dead I will set up a spread and feed you instead to the demons in my head, they taunt and they whisper, and tell me to kiss her, while still disemboweling and scratching and scowling. I don't really care, I'll rip out your hair, and laugh it's not there, as I point and I stare, I love you I swear but I guess I'm just cruel that way. So don't be a tease, Devil likes what he sees, so get on your knees, and pray that you please me. Cause I'm in the way of your righteous salvation, and just one more thing for your quick contemplation, that your salivation on my masturbation leaves soul mutilations without restoration. I'll slap and I'll clap as I crap in your lap, and I nap with you rapping, tapping, and muffled cries coming from under the bed as I leave you handcuffed and I dream of doing it again.
I tear and I tear at your sanity there, and I don't really care if it wears on you wears on you, for the
darkness I bear it will scare and it can't be repaired.
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