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By popular demand I'll say something... however I won't be long.

Okay so apparently people want to know how I'm doing. So I guess I'll say something. There isn't really much to tell.

I work from 6am to 3 or 4pm walk to Dan's apartment, hang out there with him for about an hour or two till 5 or 6pm, get a ride home, watch some porn, cook and eat dinner till about 7:30pm, play world of Warcraft till about 9pm... go to sleep.. wash rinse repeat. That's all I do every day.

I don't really have time for anything anymore. *shrugs* My job and my friends are consuming my entire life. On the weekends they expect me to game with them, until basically when I have to work. Now, I'm not complaining, I enjoy our games, and I do it willingly. However, as a result I have little to no time to myself at all.

I realize now what it must be like to have children.. You would have to sacrifice everything for them. All of your time, money, friends, sex, freedom, freedom to be as immoral as you want, freedom to be slovenly and lazy. Everything that I hold dear. I'm thinking that me ever having kids would be a big mistake. They are like an atomic bomb on your life. And like pets, they destroy everything when you aren't looking, crap all over the place, eat constantly, make lots of noise, and are never grateful in the end. :P I really don't see the point. So you created another human being? Big whoop, there are 16 billion of them out there.. what do you want, a cookie?

Anyway, I digress... I bought a new game "Rumble Roses" which I think Cherry would cream herself over repeatedly. It's a game where hot chicks dressed up in kinky outfits wrestle with each other and do lots of revealing moves and even has a cheesy plot in the background. Not too impressive as far as wrestling games go, but then again, I didn't buy it for gameplay. :D My favorites so far are the punk schoolgirl, the cheerleader, and the teacher. I also kinda like the chick dressed up like a female version of Daredevil. She's not bad.. though I'm not one much for red leather; I would prefer black, or brown.

I also got some new D&D books.. Lords of madness (The book with all the abberations in it), and the Epic Level Handbook. So we should be able to make level 21+ characters now. Not that we'll ever get that high up. But hey, we can if it ever happens.

I also bought 4 Voltaire CD's, which I'm listening to right now. After hearing the songs "When you're evil", "Dead Girls Like me", and "Sexy Data Tango" I just had to have all of his albums. :-) I'm enjoying them very much. I wallow in the simply evil lyrics. It soothes my dark soul a little more each time I hear it.

As far as women go, I really don't have time for them anymore. I barely have time to sleep, I don't have time to go food shopping, and I may have money to go on dates, but I'm too exhausted to really do anything most of the time. Not to mention I've been off my diet and gained like 40 pounds. I really don't feel comfortable with people near me in that state. I think a woman would just make me lose my job and irritate me right now. Probably piss off all of my friends too, and get annoyed with me since I work all the time. And that's assuming the actual relationship itself was fine. Ugh.. human mating is a breeding ground for unnecessary violence, drama, and hatred. Just like money and religion... it brings out the very worst in people.

I don't know.. maybe I should get my own place. This room is getting more and more full of my stuff. I can't get in here anymore without stepping on my stuff. I need more room, and I'm sick of everyone getting annoyed with me that I have money to throw around. Seems like I have to be a poor bastard to fit in. So I might as well get an apartment... or something. Fuck I would have so much more time if I had a car and didn't have to wait all day for a ride. I may have to get these things out of necessity. But I've been trying so hard not to add any money Siphoning things to my life. *shrugs* I don't know.

Either way, my job sucks ass, but at least it pays well, and my ass grows almost too fat to fit in my size 50 jeans. My boots and belt are falling apart and I feel sick and anemic all the time. Miguel probably hates me for not watching anime with him this weekend, kyle and alain probably hate me for never hanging out with them anymore, cherry is annoyed with me for not tying her up lately and for not writing anything here, I'm sure Roland is probably hurt that I haven't messaged him in a long time, my dad is mad at me ever since I went to lunch that one day with some friends and just decided not to come back to work till the next day, My Dad's girlfriend is annoyed that I'm always calling her to get a ride after work (like I have another choice), and Dan is annoyed with me for many justifyable reasons which I'm not even going to bother listing. Ugh.. I'm sure that everyone hates me right now... so...

um.. I guess I'll just say that I'm sorry for being too busy for everyone, rude, obnoxious, and throwing my money around. I never wanted this stupid job to begin with, and now that I have money, I really don't give a crap about it. I throw it around like it was confetti. I'm only working because I have to, I hate it, and I wish I was never gullible enough to be suckered into it. Yay, now I can slit my wrists with $100 bills instead of a sharp stick. :P (I didn't mean that, I'm just annoyed). God I hate my job.

God I hate God.
God I hate the fact that I say God even though I don't believe in God.
God I hate that people think that an atheist using popular religious figures of speech is hypocrisy.
God god god god god god god damn it. My life sucks.
What good is money when you have no time to spend it, and you're all alone... *sighs*
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