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Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Subject:The new me
Time:6:00 am.
Well this is my very last journal entry untainted by the pills.
The doctor gave me happy pills so now just like in the matrix, I am taking the red pill.
Perhaps I'll see how far the rabbit hole goes.

You'll have to excuse me for a couple weeks... the transition might make me crazy.
After that.. I may finally be happy.
who knows..*takes the red pill*
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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Subject:A new product from Silent Dreams Inc. :D
Time:6:17 pm.
Are you suffering from unsightly genitalia? Were you born a man, but you just know you were supposed to be something more feminine. Are you the victim of a rape and or abuse? Well Silent Dreams Incorporated has released a new product just for you!



In this convenient spray can is our revolutionary crotch dissolving formula, guaranteed to remove your genitals or your money back! Just check out these testimonials:

Bubba: Why, before I used Crotch B-Gone, I used to get kicked in the balls repeatedly while playing football and going out on dates. Now I have nothing to kick.. THANKS CROTCH B-GONE!

Misty: My father raped and molested me from the time I was six till I was 21, now I melted off his fucking balls.. THANKS CROTCH B-GONE!

Dillon: Wait.. what did you say this does again? I thought it was some kind of body spray.. OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!! Call an ambulance! Sweet Jesus, my testicles!

There are a million ways for you to embrace the future and show that you're in the Crotch B-Gone family! So buy your can today! For the low low price of $19.99, Act now and we'll throw in a second can absolutely free! For all your crotch melting needs.

Warning: May dissolve genitals.
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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Subject:Hallelujah.. what a great summer it has been.
Time:2:16 am.
Well, I know I haven't written in here for a long time but a lot has happened.. and well.. I said I would be a ghost once World of Warcraft was in my possession. Yes, Dareas my human mage is level 70 now... yes.. Kanetos my Blood Elf Warlock is also level 70.. plus I have scores of other characters high and low level. And yes.. WOW did consume my soul... :D

I tried out Final Fantasy 11 for a bit.. but it seemed like one long pointless grind and couldn't hold a candle to Warcraft. You can't jump (which irritates the shit out of me), the selection of emotes is pitiful, the characters look pretty boring and gay and all the males look bishonen (as in skinny feminine, and gay). And the Taru-taru are more puntable than gnomes.

The way they talky-walky makes me sicky-wicky.. so much that I might Pukey-wukey.

let's see.. I FINALLY got to take Dareas to MOLTEN CORE... wooo... didn't have any fire resistance gear, or even a full raid group.. but we killed everything in there except for Ragnaros.
The final boss we only got down to 5% health before he stomped so hard that he killed 75% of the group, flung me high up into the air.. over a wall and into some lava.. and then sunk back into the magma to release a bunch of his fire elemental children to destroy what was left of us.
Ouch.. at least I got an epic belt out of the deal.. though sadly it was crappier than the green one I already had from outland.. >.<

July 4th Kyle and Miguel and I all went to the lake and had a barbecue with Miguel's family.
We had hotdogs and hamburgers and chips and potato salad and soda and etc.. and played Chez Geek, and a cool choose your own adventure style book that involved dice rolling and mapping.
I did get a wicked sunburn on my arms and face though.. OUCH.. :D My blood pressure medicine says I'm not supposed to be exposed to direct sunlight.. or I'll burn... now I know lol

I finally got to meet Sherri... my online girlfriend from Warcraft.. it was amazing.. :)
I got to meet her and her family and Kyle and I took her out to have some nice hamburgers at a really nice shop in town. They have the best milkshakes and huge burgers, it was great.

I thought it would be really awkward and strange to meet his person for the first time since we had only ever met on the internet.. but I've known her for over a year online.. and spent sometimes several hours a day with her. The funny thing is.. she really was more wonderful than I had imagined.. more beautiful than her pictures... her skin was softer and prettier than I could have known.. and I fell in love with her all over again. :D yay.. uber rare happy moment for me. Hooray. I was really worried that she wouldn't like me for who I really was..
what with the dingy reality that is the full David Package :D What with my filthy room, and my long raggedy hair, my dorky glasses and my 400 pound fat ass. I truly thought she would never speak to me again after meeting me. I was wrong.. and boy is that a relief.

No I didn't have any real reason to believe that... it was just my own pessimism, fear, and self doubt, really.. but I've always been of the philosophy that you should smile and wave as the car comes right at you.. and hope that they swerve. Well not literally, since that would be suicide... but I mean....I may believe the worst will happen.. but I'll go along with it anyway just in case. :) At least I get what's coming to me lol.

So much has happened.. oh my god where to start.. I really just went on here to find and collect the pages of my book i was writing, and maybe add a bit to it.. but they are all spread way the hell out on here. hmm it'll take a while to find it.

Oh.. man.. I'm almost giddy thinking about it.. I got to hold her in my arms and kiss her beautiful lips.. it was a dream come true... I'm sad she had to go.. *sighs*

I'm still at the same shitty job that I hate.. living in the same piss-poor house in a tiny little bedroom that can barely contain my stuff, with world of warcraft and Sherri as my only happiness.. oh and those little prepackaged meals that they have for like 2 bucks or so at wal-mart.. I buy like a million of those. The Swedish meatballs and the chicken alfredo are to die for. :)

Oh yeah.. and we have kittens roaming and swarming all over the place now.. cute... :)

and I got a bunch of really cool clothes from the internet.. like casual pants with scorpions and spiders on them.. and fire.. and a shirt with a winged skeleton playing a guitar.. right now I'm wearing the fire pants :D I shall call them my Liar-Liar pants.. since they are on fire.
ha ha ha ha :)

okay seriously my life is shitty but there is a beacon of happiness in it.. so I guess it's not all bad.

Now if only a meteor the size of Texas would hit my workplace.. one with a very sharp point on it like a teardrop who's point seems to be exactly the shape of where I work.. :D so that once the point impacts and drills 5 miles into the earth's crust, it will break off and the bulk of the meteor would continue back into space. Of course the meteor would have to be comprised mostely of radioactive rocks and salt.. so nothing could ever grow there again.. and hopefully a volcano will form right on the site afterwards.

uhhh...or maybe a cholera outbreak.. that would be good. Anyone have a dead cow I can put in the drinking fountain? LOL J/K :D
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Subject:Writer's Block: Time Capsule
Time:2:01 am.
You are allowed to place three items from your lifetime into a box that will be opened in fifty years. What do you put in, and why?
Why that's simple.. I'd put in a bar of gold so I'd be rich in the future. I'd put in George Bush's head or what's left of him from the accident.. and a picture of my penis. Just to see the look on someone's face when they open it.

And I might install a view screen on the inside of the lid that will constantly play Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up".. so 50 years from now.. the person opening it will get Rick Rolled.. ha ha ha ha ha :D Priceless.
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Monday, April 21st, 2008

Subject:Writer's Block: Almost Famous
Time:9:19 am.
Mood: calm.
What do you want to be famous for?
I want to be famous for Disbanding all religions and creating a new secular golden age of philosophy and reason.
Or for driving a school bus full of children off of a cliff.
Either way I'm good.
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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Subject:Those sneaky rogues get all of the chicks! :D
Time:8:20 pm.
Mood: excited.
Here's something I whipped up real quick in the World of Warcraft Model Viewer and MS Paint. :D
It's a blood elf that's been hit in the head with a sap (like a sock with a padded weight in it). This one's for you Kethia.. It looks pretty much like her IRL :D
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I don't know about you.. but I think that's hot.. ;D
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Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

Subject:things have been all turned around
Time:9:24 pm.
Mood: awesome.
Well, first of all, I'd like to say that today is my father's birthday. So I bought him a card, some jerky, some carmel popcorn, some candy, 2 weird al CDs and a pepperoni log. I think he liked it. It was all in a decorative bag and stuff. Hopefully he can enjoy his birthday, even though he had to work, and is sick. :/ I think it made him happy though, since I rarely ever get him anything. I needed to give something back.. if that makes sense. This last month has been crazy.. worlds are colliding, my universe is turning upside down. Dan got fired from his job (he worked with me) and then got rehired at the local 7-11 that we go to like twice a day for soda. I helped him with his rent by buying some of his books and the bride-sword katana from Kill Bill that he had in his collection.. (sweet). My birthday was awesome (sept 19th) it was talk like a pirate day, so Dan and Tony and I dressed up like pirates and went to a bar called Gooney's, and they were having a pirate celebration there. In fact, we fit right in. We got food, and captain Morgan's rum and coke, and had a good piratey time. We sang drinking songs and almost went on a treasure hunt, but it was getting kind of late so we staggered back to Kristel's and she took us home. More to follow after I watch South Park's World of Warcraft episode! WOOT! **********************************1 hour later********************************* Holy crap, I saw the episode where they killed Chef, and made him into a Darth Pedophile... LOL And after that, they had a whole episode devoted to world of warcraft.. WOO! THAT WAS AWESOME. :D Though I'm wondering why that hacker they were fighting could wear a helmet and no clothes, and still cast spells? Mages can't wear helms.. O.O Kyle's Dad also said he was a "Hunter" though humans can't be hunters, and he obviously had a sword and shield.. (aka warrior or paladin). (hunters can't use shields) and how did that guy summon scorpions? There is no spell that does that.. He was obviously hacking. Especially since he was oneshotting blueflagged people with a dagger and no armor on. O.o WTF? LOL Either way, that was a pretty wicked sword they had on the flash drive.. I mean holy crap that was cool. Totally broken though :D Sadly the guy they were playing against looked a little too much like me.. O.O it was scary. Aside from that, I got an awesome birthday gift for my birthday. two of my close friends I'll call them Mara and Levi, conspired to give me what I really wanted for my birthday :D. Levi was apparently okay with it, (they are together), but Mara came over and let me play with her feet for like an hour for my birthday, and it was hott. :D They are also apparently very much more open minded and kinky than I thought. :D I may have to move in with them. LOL Aside from that, I may also finally be moving out of my father's house. Yeah yeah, I know it's a bad idea, but it's high time I found another place. I am truly considering moving in with Mara, Levi, and Gobs (another friend of mine). It would be one room roughly bigger than mine, for $165/month, plus 25% of the utilities. I may have to get a bike to get to work from now on, and it will be a sacrifice, especially in the cold rainy winter months. But if all goes well, I'll be out of my Dad's house, and in much much better shape in no time. Also, apparently I didn't get fired from my job after my vacation.. My father had called up Dan to tell him that I had been fired, and for him to tell me. However, when I walked over to work the next day to find out what the hell was going on, they had no clue what I was talking about. So, when I listened to the answering machine message, it said something along the lines of: "Please contact us about your recent termination, due to poor attendance, (I had skipped a day before my vacation), call this person at this number.. for possible rehire.. blah blah blah". It didn't actually say MY name. In fact, I think they may have been calling for Dan. If I remember right, he got that job while he was still living with me. They may have considered my house as a reference or as his house. Apparently, I didn't get fired, and my sup wanted me to work overtime today. LOL Apparently, they don't want less of me, they want more! :D I might move in with them. It would be like a commune of deviant, brilliant, gamers, playing warcraft and having D&D orgies every night. bwa ha ha ha. :D I may even get more hot foot action. Who knows? :D Either way, I really got to get out of this house. I'm totally stagnating here. Oh, and Cherry got World of Warcraft! :D WOOT!!! I am so going to pwn her n00b ass with my l33t cock. ;D *giggles* I meant that in the nicest way possible.
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Friday, July 14th, 2006

Subject:Chapter 8 of my book
Time:11:59 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Oh, and all you paid to read it was......nothing. It's absolutely free, so don't complain! :D
Before you criticise, compare it to how much you're written.. lol ;)
Anyway, I just decided to start up this storyline again, so here is what I wrote tonight after work when I was bored:
WARNING! MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ANYONE, HIDE YOUR CHILDREN, .... in fact, always hide your children, I don't want to see them anyway. ;D I haven't read this back yet, or changed much of anything, so keep that in mind. It will most likely see numerous revisions later on. On to the free story hour: (This is right after my necromancer comes to a burned village and finds a pile of bodies and a young 18 year old girl, still alive amongst the rubble. He is overcome by the evil ring of souls that he is wearing and it forces him to kill her and leech out her soul, or so he thinks. This is right after they both collapse and fade to black from the previous chapter)

David Sharp
Chapter 8 Milly

She awoke in a field of wildflowers, surrounded by warmth and sweet smells. The sun beamed all around. It shined all over the tall grass and glinted brightly in the light blue sky. Suddenly she remembered that her father must be looking for her. Her mother would be cross if she was gone too long, for who knew what troubles the wilderness hid. She could hear her name being called out from far away, "Milly! Milly, where are you, girl? Don't make me come hunt you down!." She recognized the voice as her father's. Milly immediately sprang to her feet and began hopping along through the grass, bounding past branches and stones, towards her humble home.

She could smell roast chicken and potatoes in the distance, and the familiar scent of wood smoke from the firepit. She could now almost hear her mother puttering around in the kitchen. By kitchen, one could also mean bedroom, living room, or any other room but bathroom. The house had always been small, made of logs and twigs, held together with dried mud and rope, with a straw thatch roof on top. It was more of a hut, really, and scarecly large enough to contain her small family.

Her father stood impatiently in the roadway with his blue overalls dingy from a days work and his brow furrowed with worry.
He set down his woodcutting axe to cup his thick, calloused fingers to his mouth, shouting, "Milly! It's time for dinner!" He did not seem to see her even as she drew closer. Soon she was upon him and reached out to hug her father. She threw her arms around him and held him tight, sorry that she had made him worry so much. She closed her eyes and felt his rough body comfort her, as he always had, and she felt safe and loved.

However, the scene was not so pleasant when she opened her eyes, for what happened next filled her with unparallelled horror. She looked up to find that her father was nothing but a blackened corpse, buried in a pile of other bodies, trapped and sinking fast. She clawed at the arms and legs and clothes surrounding him, but he continued to sink in as if being swallowed up. Her mother clawed her way through the doorway to the hut and gave an evil hiss. Her face had been burned beyond recognition, and her hands were blackened claws, reaching for Milly.

Suddenly her eyes opened, and she was back in the air, staring down the arm of the man in black robes. Her life had flashed before her eyes as he was slowly choking her to death with the iron grip of one hand. He seemed a man posessed, filled with rage and hatred and callous wrath. She could not understand what had happened to make him change this way. He had shown her love and compassion without even knowing her, and would take her away from this awful place. He had to be her knight in shining armor, she just knew it. He would rescue her from the destruction of her town, and home, and family. She had thrown herself at his mercy, but instead of helping her, things had taken a turn for the worst.

Her body became limp and she could feel her life force draining out like water through a pump. Tears still streamed down her face as she looked up at her killer. He was the only one left for miles around, and though he was choking the life out of her, she was not afraid. She did not want to live in this world any more, and if he would not save her, then at least he could end her misery quickly. After all, what did she have left to live for? Everything she ever knew or loved was gone now, and she could not bear the sight of its absence anymore.

Soon her heart stopped, and her lungs froze, and a strange chill passed over her entire body. It was something unnatural that she had never felt before, nor ever would again. The feeling was completely obscure, and unique. It had a certain strange quality of being surreal, like if the oceans and seas suddenly stopped in mid-tide, and lay still like glass, or if the sky was purple instead of blue.

She could feel herself die, and a part of her went missing. She did not struggle, she surrendered to the man's cruel demands, and gave him her life willingly, for whatever purposes he may have. Soon he was crying out in pain and fell to the ground in a heap, dropping her to her knees before him. Milly looked around quietly with concern, wondering what had just happened. She clutched her neck reflexively, and noticed that it was numb when she rubbed it with her cold hand.

The pretty young girl kneeled down by the robed man and sighed quietly. He looked so frail and helpless lying face down in the ash like that. He looked so weak that she actually felt sorry for him. She sat down in the soot with a crunch and pulled his head over to her lap. She stroked his hair gently with her quickly paling fingers and hummed a sweet little tune. She whispered to his unconscious figure, "I forgive you...," and kissed him on the forehead gently. She sat quietly like this for hours, keeping him safe throughout the night.

. . .

Milly didn't sleep that night, nor would she ever sleep again, for now she was the walking undead. Well, technically, she was the sitting undead if anyone is keeping track. She would not sleep, eat, drink, breathe, cry, sweat, or drool. Nor would any other normal bodily processes we normally take for granted work. She could however still feel, and could still feel very strong emotions. Right now she felt sadness, and a deep, overwhelming loneliness. It was deathly silent all around her for hours except for the shallow breathing of her prince charming, unconscious in her lap.

The only difference between her now and one of those rotting undead who were pulling the cart were two things: a) she had somehow retained her personality, and b) she was not riddled with years of decay, and rot. Her body was still as silky smooth and soft as it ever was, from her long flowing hair all the way to the bottoms of her now blackened toes. She clawed at the ashes idly with her toes and realized that even though she could hear the crunching under her feet, she could not feel anything. Everything was a dull pressure to her now, if any sensation at all. She experimented by biting her own arm, and felt nothing except the feeling of being snagged on something. She felt oddly still and silent without her constant breath and heartbeat. She had always taken it for granted in life, and couldn't even really hear herself do it. In contrast, now she could definately hear it's absence. It was eerie, and she took comfort in the limp man's steady shallow breaths. She did not know what he would do when he awoke, so she could only wait, and hope.

After about 12 hours, the man awoke with a start and scrambled back about eight feet in the thick coating of ash on the ground. He looked at the lifeless figure of Milly, sitting motionless and silent in the ash, as if she had always been that way. He suddenly remembered what had happened, and tugged violently on the ring around his finger. The ring hissed and dug it's tendrils deeper into his bone marrow; a shriek of pained souls wracked his brain, and grew louder each time he tugged at it. "Curse this unbearable curse!" he said, even though it seemed redundant to say so.

His eyes inevitably drew over to Milly, and locked on her lifeless form. "I must have killed her," he said rather regretfully. "Funny, I hadn't intended on doing that just yet.", he said scratching his head. He then drew his fingers through his long brown hair, and straightened it a bit, and combed out some of the ash from his goatee. "She seemed so pretty, and sweet, and pathetic, that I could not resist her. I don't understand though, why did my reanimation spell not work?" he said rhetorically. He did have the habit of always talking to himself. The way he saw it, who better was there to talk to, especially when you are usually alone.

"It did work," Milly said as she looked up at him, "but maybe not like you had expected." He gasped in alarm as he stared at her in horror. "You can speak!" he cried out in the silence of the razed village. "Of course I can speak, why wouldn't I be able to?" She looked at him with an impatient and confused glance. The necromancer looked utterly flabbergasted, in addition to the fact that his face was smudged from top to bottom with black soot, and his robes were now filthy. "...But..but..but.. you were supposed to die, and become my slave," he stammered with a shocked look on his face.

Milly looked at him for a moment, and chuckled musically in her sweet tone, and said, "I did, and I am, Master." She smiled coyly and fluttered her eyes innocently at him, terribly amused at his sudden loss of composure. "Perhaps your magic ring had something to do with it all, am I not good enough for you, Master?" He looked at her, searching her face for sarcasm, or seriousness, but couldn't detect either, he then looked at the ring which still seemed to give off an aura of anger and hunger around his finger.

"Well, if I am to keep you, then I will introduce myself. I am Darius Longshadow, necromancer and new keeper of the ring of souls, what might your name be?" he said with a bow. Milly looked at him and bowed exaggeratingly low, so much that she almost fell over, and replied, "I am Milly, Milly Cutter. I was merely a poor peasant girl with nowhere left to go." As an afterthought, she added the word "Master."

She did not know exactly what his motivations were, or why he did what he did, but she right away knew that he liked to be in total control and she could see him visibly shiver with pleasure whenever she said the word "Master". She did not mind being submissive, after all, she had planned on being a housewife someday, and it made her happy to give him this pleasure. She knew that if she did what he wanted, he might keep her with him, and perhaps treat her well, and they would be together. He on the other hand was drawn to her, fascinated by this new magic, and had only heard tales of vampires and liches who had kept their souls even after death.

Darius could not take his eyes off of her, and in a fit of experimental passion, he grabbed her in his arms and kissed her deeply once again. Just like the first time, she went limp in his arms and he took a long, slow, deep kiss from her lips. And even though they were cold, her lips were sweet like honey, and she melted in his embrace.

Darius backed up and looked at her with a newly found confidence, and pointed to the ground in front of himself. "If you are to be my slave, then I shall mark you forever more as my property, now kneel before me, now!" he demanded in a stern tone. She looked a little taken aback for a moment, and then kneeled over in front of him, up to her knees in ash everywhere. He looked her straight in the eye as he pulled a black leather strap from off of his belt and tucked his extra beltpouch into an inner pocket of his robes. Then he said in a very deliberate and demanding tone, "Now give me your neck.. offer it to me. This must be voluntary on your part." She leaned her head back and offered up her neck to him, willing to do whatever he said, wondering with anticipation what he would do.

He placed the black leather strap around her neck and then made a quick gesture at the two loose ends in front, as a flash of red light burst from the leather and the strap fused together into a collar. He slowly traced red glowing runes along the entire length of the collar with his finger, and drew a large round sigil on the very front of it, at the widest part. The sigil looked like a gout of flame with a keyhole in the center, with the words "Darius" printed in an arch above the symbol. He smiled with a deep satisfaction, and said, "Now you are truly mine." "Perhaps I shall take you for my bride. I have always been a lonely man."

Milly made a good attempt at blushing, considering she has no working circulatory system, and looked up at him, happy for a brief moment at least. "Come, my pet, let us leave this dismal place and search for some answers to what happened here. I am curious who could do such a thing, and why." Milly stood up and looked behind her at the huge pile of corpses, and then glanced over at Darius with an upset look. "What are we going to do with all of them? We can't just leave them like this.." she said, looking at all her townsfolk mournfully. Darius looked at her and said with a wicked smirk, "Don't worry my dear, we are taking them with us." That was when all Hell broke loose.

Darius wandered over to his cart and pulled out his staff, spellbook, and various and sundry components that he had stored in there. He came back to the grisly scene of the massacre with the look of a child with a new toy. Milly could only look on in confused anticipation of what he could possibly mean by "taking them with us". Surely he couldn't mean they would be carting along her entire village for some sort of ceremonial burial. Darius began pouring blood slowly from a brass bowl around the pile of bodies in a large circle, and sprinkling all sorts of alchemical substances along the lines of it. He etched some runes here and there with a finger, and chuckled to himself as they began to glow like her collar. Soon, Darius clutched his staff tightly and held it up high, shouting for all the heavens to hear, "CORPUS ANIMUS GRANDIOSE!".

Milly could see the ring on his finger pulse with a blinding white light, as there was a flash and the sounds of several souls shrieking as they escaped the ring and retreated to the twisting nether. Blood poured from his hand into the ring as it twisted and heated and tugged at him, tearing at his flesh. Darius cried out in pain as a huge beam of light shot from his staff up into the sky and lit up the heavens. The light was like a spotlight all the way up to the moon, as sparkling yellow dust began to rain down upon the town. Soon, the pile of bodies began to twist and moan, and come to life. In a grotesque dance the corpses of everyone from the village, began to shuffle and claw their way apart from one another and stood in a large mindless crowd in front of Darius.

Darius lay wracked with pain on the ground clutching his head for several minutes until the effects of the ring lessened, and he could regain his feet. He stood marvelling at his handiwork with an incredulous grin on his face. "Wow, such power, I could never have done so many at once without the ring, but I could not have imagined it would release the souls after expending their power. I wish I knew exactly what was going on in there. My curiosity is maddening."

Suddenly, a flash of lightning appeared, and a thunderclap rang out unexpectedly. Seconds later a stinging rain began to fall all over everything. It beat down on the ash making it a soupy black mud, and covering Darius and Milly with gray acidic liquid. "Quick, into the cart, Love." Darius exclaimed, "I don't want you getting all chewed up by this filth." He ushered her into his small cabin and locked the door. "Don't worry, they'll be fine, their souls are already free anyway. Not even this ring can harm a free soul. I believe it may be able to attract or repel free souls, and perhaps remove and return souls from bodies, but not harm them at all."

"Everyone knows that souls are immortal, and cannot be enslaved. The gods gave our spirits free will, that is our divine right, and nothing can take that away." Darius waxed philosophical for a moment as he could see steam rising from his and Milly's clothes. "Oh my, the acid has seeped into our clothes, we must remove them or it could burn and scar us both!" he exclaimed with concern. Milly was very shy, but if it was dangerous, she was willing to go along with removing her smouldering dress. She decided that whatever dignity she had must have died with her body. And as she allowed Darius to strip her down bare, she began to wonder if she still had a soul.
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Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Subject:Okay.. so today has been awesome!
Time:10:42 pm.
Mood: happy.
Well two totally awesome things happened to me today.

First and most important.. I got to spend the day with my awesome friend Roland, whom I haven't seen for three years, since he has been living in Japan all this time.

And secondly I just got my undead horse mount in World of Warcraft tonight.. :D woot! I'm naming him Shadowspawn. He's blue, and dead, and awesome.

Roland Came over and we hung out all day, listened to music, he showed me his Nintendo DS (which I had never seen before, we ate at Wendy's and went over to Dan's for a while. We kept questioning him about his life in Japan, but asking him details is like trying to pull teeth. ;) lol He only answers specific questions.. and since I don't know anything about it... I'm stuck asking general questions.. yeesh. Normally he wouldn't come down here but he had a family emergency that... I'm sure he probably doesn't want me talking about. So anyway, he's down here for a while. I've missed him a lot, since he's been gone for so long. I hope I get a chance to do stuff with him while he's here and not just miss out. We went out and had Chinese food with Dan as well, and hung out in a comic shop, checking out all the action figures and comics and stuff. So far it was a really nice day.

I came back to Warcraft to find that like 80% of my auctions went through all at once, giving me over like 16 gold and bringing me up to 62 gold and 88 silver... when my horse is only 64 gold.. I had more stuff in the auction house.. but I really didn't want to wait a whole day for a paltry 1.2 gold.. so Bector (my guildleader) almost couldn't contain himself to give me the rest. He's been offering to basically loan me the entire 64 gold, but I told him (on several occasions) no way, I want to earn it myself. And that's exactly what I did.. the last 1.2 gold or so I'm borrowing so I don't have to wait an additional day. Though he'll probably be insulted if I pay him back..LOL.

You would not believe the reactions I get from people on there.. just by turning down free money they look at me like I'm out of my Goddamned mind. I guess they are so used to getting stuff for free from other people that they have no concept anymore of a little thing called personal pride. I worked hard for that damn horse, I earned like 95% of it myself... and I am proud of it. Tony got his for free because he's a warlock and they can summon them.. Dan was given the gold by a guild member.. but I paid for mine.. Sure, it took me 5 additional levels to do it.. I'm level 45 now, but it was worth the wait.. now that horse and I are one fully dangerous unit of death and destruction. All bought and paid for, and I don't owe anyone a damn thing.. well.. once I pay back the 5 gold they let me borrow to get it tonight. Child's play..

I just would have had to wait one additional day is all.

I don't know.. I guess I'm weird that way.. I wanted to earn it myself. What's the challenge of someone giving it to you for free? That's no fun.. now I have something to be proud of.

Go Shadowspawn, go! Crush those gnomes under your stone-cold hooves! Feast on night-elf flesh, and I shall ride you into the Abyss itself!

I totally look like a deathknight now.. woot!

So, all in all.. today couldn't have been better without free sex. :D Roland, a mount, and Chinese food... /CHEER!
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Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Subject:Dear John...By the time you read these lines, I'll be gone. -John Sullivan
Time:4:20 pm.
Mood: crushed.
Dan and Shayny have been having a lot of problems lately. I could have seen this coming, but I never expected it so soon. But here is how I want it written.

Last time I saw Shayny, she was on the easy chair like usual, dangling her feet over the edge for me to play with, in the socks I bought her for Geekmas. She lotioned up her feet to tease me and she let me kiss them and help her do it. But when Dan went into the shower, we started to talk about trust and how Dan didn't trust her enough. It just so happens that she had gone over to Rob's house a night or so before to "watch a movie" and didn't come back till 7am. I had called around 11:00pm to her cell phone that night to see if she was okay, and another man answered the phone (not Rob), and told me that she was "sleeping". I asked him to wake her up so she could come back since she had a long shift at work the next day. He said it was "safer for her to sleep over than to to drive back this late at night, tired."

It was right about then that I started to believe that she was cheating on Dan. This Rob fellow from work seemed like a decent enough fellow, tall, lanky, kinda hairy with a goatee, geeky. Though he had tattoos, piercings, and a prince Albert (:S eww), but overall he seemed okay. However, after a while, he started to chat with her online, and then it became almost every night, then came the webcams, and then the strip webcams, and the constant text messaging and calling like every five minutes. We tried to go to a movie and get some food at Taco Bell (Dan, Me, and Shayny), and even then, he was texting her every 2 minutes while we were eating. I have no proof, but my pessimistic mind and sharp analytical skills usually point me in the right direction, even if I hate always being right.

Dan was worried sick that night and didn't sleep a wink.. I stayed up till almost midnight worrying but had to sleep because I got exhausted from the tension. Later the next morning, I called her up on her cell phone and got voicemail.. I called her again and it had been busy ,and went to voicemail. So I text messaged her and she called me during her break at work ... I just asked if she was okay. I thought she might have been hurt. She explained what happened, and then I decided that I wouldn't press the issue and said goodbye.

I explained to Dan what happened and talked to him through a lot of the night, but talking to me when you are depressed and upset just usually makes things worse, so ... I apologize for that. I only told him the truth, and my opinion that he was losing her and he needed to play it off as if everything is cool and tell her that he loves her and trusts her. I don't know if he did or not, but life went on .. for a few days.

Which brings us to last night... Dan seemed really upset and I refused to let him hide what was going on.. he told me that Shayny had broken up with him. She gave some lame excuse like he was insulting the rap music she liked, or they weren't right for each other, or that she thought he was taking advantage of her. Which is totally bogus, considering that she offered to help him out with the rent and such, and well.. most rap really does stink, and if you are insulted by that opinion, then you have issues. And I've seen them together, they really are right for each other.

Dan flipped out and punched a couple holes in his wall as men are tend to do when their heart is smashed into a million pieces all at once. I honestly don't believe he would ever lay a finger on her, but she got scared of him and I believe ran off. She had told him she wasn't going to jerk him around by giving him false hope or anything, but then the next morning, she said the exact opposite and said she'd take a week to think it over.

So going in to work today, I really wasn't very happy. I loved this girl. Dan, and I had spent the last 4-6 months with this girl doing everything together. Dan loved her like no girl I've ever seen him with, and he didn't even mind when I gave my heart to her as well and worshipped her from the knees down nearly every time I was around her. I've spent a lot of money on her, buying her CSI 2nd season for geekmas, I gave her money nearly every time she asked for it, I bought her cute socks that she could wear just for me, I took her out to dinner with Dan plenty of times, and movies and etc. She may have been Dan's girlfriend, but her feet were mine this whole time. I've kissed, touched, licked, rubbed, dressed, undressed, sucked on, and lotioned every inch of her feet, and gave my heart and soul to her as a slave.. nearly. You must understand, I truly love her as well. And the arrangement we had together was slightly straining, but I've been the happiest I've been in a long time these last few months.

I know this will sound selfish, but... her breaking up with Dan, hurts me just as much. We both loved her, and we both trusted her. We brought her into our home... I consider it my home as well because I spend the majority of my time over at Dan's apartment and sleep over every weekend; plus we've been friends for roughly 18 years. I don't think that's presumptuous of me.

So I was already distraught, all day.. and when I walked home to Dan's like I always do, it was the coldest freezing rain I had felt in a long time. The sky was dim and dismal, and the wind cut through my thick hooded sweatshirt like icy knives. I looked up into the air and thought that this was only fitting that the sky would feel as icy and cold and damp as the inside of my heart. I prayed for a lightning bolt to signify my rage.. but none came. As I crossed the parking garage, I noticed her car was gone.. signifying that she was spending her time off somewhere else. I immediately agreed with Dan's previous assumption as I left work.. She was probably with Rob.

I walked dismally up the stairs, soaked to the bone and freezing cold, and opened the door to a dark living room. I had hoped that maybe she was there anyway, sitting in the chair watching TV all wrapped up in a blanket like she does sometimes. But no. And through the complete fog of my drenched glasses, I saw only a vague shape of something white on the computer chair, which had been dragged over to the middle of the room. Even though I wiped my glasses, I still could not see what it was, but I knew by the shape that it was a notebook of paper. And then I knew what it was. Without even reading it, I said to myself.... "It's a Dear John letter.." and when I picked it up to see it.. this is what it said:

"I will call both Dan and David @ 7pm tonight to talk. Sorry, I love you, this is for the best. -Shayny."

Funny how that song started playing in my head after I put it down.
I knew what it meant. All of my suspicions had to be true, she had left him for Rob... she was probably there right now. I had to go to her room to check.... I was right, all of her stuff was gone. Everything of hers was gone. And just like she waltzed into our lives off of the streets out of nowhere... she disappeared like a thief in the night; without a trace that she was ever here.

I closed the door quietly and called my ride..distraught. I mentioned nothing of what happened, and sat down on the couch to .. think about it. I knew this was going to happen eventually, but it was supposed to play out differently. She had always said she was going to leave us in March to join the Navy, not ditch us for some bozo who can't even keep the job that I have. I just sat there.. staring at the wall.. staring at the ceiling.. staring at the chair.. and I cried.. not too bad yet because it hasn't fully hit me. The rain continued to beat down on the window outside, and a crash of thunder punctuated my pain. But strangely enough.. in the midst of this torment..Dan's cat came to comfort me. It amazes me how cats know when you are hurt, physically or emotionally. She lay on my stomach and gave me kitty kisses and just watched over me when I was hurting :~/ and I will always be grateful for that.

Dan has no idea what has happened yet and if I tell him now, it will hit him like a ton of bricks. Best to let him finish out his shift, instead of risking an incident which could jeapordize his work. I should probably stay to comfort him, but I have to work as well tomorrow. I have already called my ride and will be at home to comfort him over the phone. I don't think he's going to take it well. I worry that he will try to kill himself, and perhaps I should stay to watch him. I will have to be the one to pick up the pieces when his heart smashes for good... and who will pick up mine? :~/

I have no one left.

Dan told me before that if he puts his heart out one more time and it get's broken again.. then he would never recover. And I know how he must feel. I feel his pain.

I'm going to take my ride home. I'm going to put the note right back where I found it. And I'm going to wait by the phone. Though if he kills himself... I don't think I'll ever speak to anyone again.
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Monday, January 2nd, 2006

Subject:Happy New Year.
Time:10:46 am.
Mood: stressed.
Well, it's January 2nd, and I have a lot to write down about last month.

So here goes.

Okay, first of all, at work they installed a brand new security system in the doors, now we have proximity read cards just like the college dorms. You just pass the card near the reader and it electronically unlocks. Futuristic and cool.. though functionally no different than the card swipers we had before :P. They also installed cameras in the break room and by all the doors. They even put chain link fence in the freaking ceiling around the I.T. room.. paranoid freaks. The thing is, I was saying to Dan in the break room that all that security is a total waste of time and money because the real threat, considering how much they piss off their customer's and employees daily, is a crazed employee with a shotgun and full security clearance. Apparently someone over heard my criticism of their crappy security and construed it as a threat. :P Some people are fucking stupid. Ignorant, paranoid jackasses. :P Dan told me that they would be giving me a special "talking-to" and that they threatened to call the cops about what I said. Can you believe that shit? They have their heads so far up their asses that they can't tell an ironic commentary from a terroristic threat? What a bunch of fucktards.

I hate my job so much, the stress is starting to get to me. I can't take it anymore, I just want to quit. Every day I go there feels like they are crushing my soul and selling it to people who can't afford it. I feel like I'm being raped by the company. I.... just can't take it much longer. I don't think a vacation is going to do it either. Maybe if I switch to part time it might help.. but I don't think so.
You know when you suck a lollipop all day long and you're left with that soggy white stick? That's how I feel.. like the soggy white stick... LOL Man, the stress is starting to make me black out at home now.
Well, okay, technically pass out. I was watching a movie yesterday and then I closed my eyes, and opened them and it was 5 minutes later.. then last night, I was watching discovery channel and closed my eyes and opened them and it was 10 minutes later. It wasn't sleep though.. only black, I did not feel rested at all. It was like I just lost time. It happens to me sometimes when I'm playing World of warcraft late after work. I'll be walking to a remote town or something and bam... I pass out and wake up dead and logged off. It's starting to creep me out. So I'm basically that candle which you burn at both ends and the middle.. consider me a tiny burnt piece of whick with that job. O.o;; Not only that but they recently took away 10 minutes of our paid break per day and made a seating chart that I'm not even on! Now I have to FIND a free desk each morning, which will make ME late and get me in trouble if I'm not on calls on time. :P

We had a great celebration at Joe and Jessica's new apartment (which is huge and nice, by the way). Oh man, they have a badass setup with their computers. A banana shaped desk with one computer on each end, so they can play together at the same time :D awesome. I bet that makes World of Warcraft so much more awesome. :)

We exchanged Gaming Day presents and hung out for several hours playing games, drinking choconog, making pizza, and basically partying :D. Wade and Joe played Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) for a while and Dan played with the new Gameboy Advance SP I got him (with Super Mario 3 game), I played my gameboy with the same game cause that's what my Dad got me for Christmas. (I consider it a Geekmas present though..lol I got him an MP3 player which he loves.) I kinda like the fact that I had money to buy everyone presents this year, I've never been able to do that before, it feels good. I bought Shayny (Dan's roommate and girlfriend) the 2nd season of C.S.I. cause that's what she wanted so bad, and well.. she has me underfoot whenever she wants. :D She always lets me play with her feet, so I got her whatever she wanted. :D I guess I'm easy to win over..heheheheheh. All in all with all the food and eggnog, and soda, and gifts.. I think I spent about $350 on Geekmas. But hey, I'll remember that forever more. :) And I didn't have to celebrate Christmas either. yay.. Geekmas is wayyyyy better. :)

I got my World of Warcraft character Dareas up to level 41 finally and I FINALLY GOT MY MOUNT!!! YAYYYY!!
My character is officially not a newbie anymore. I have a horsey yayyyy.. I bought a pinto named Fireball for 78 gold and 18 gold for riding lessons. That took me weeks of working the auction house and doubling, tripling, and quadrupling my stock of Greater and Superior healing potions. Eventually I sold them all off to a huge profit, but it wasn't easy. I went without selling a single one day after day after day. Then finally I lowered all of the prices and people bought them for what I was selling them for before! Can you believe that strange ass shit? Fuck.. I don't think I'll ever understand that. LOL
I gotta maintain some inventory of potions though, that is a goldmine :) You can't make money like that just from questing. One or two comments about the mount though.. For some reason I can't configure it so I can actually hear it cloppity clopping around, I don't know what setting it is, but I can't hear my horse, so it sounds like I'm galloping perfectly silently.. lol It creeps me out. Also, you can't ride through water, and you can't fight, cast spells, or enter buildings with the damn thing. The only thing it does is increase your speed by 60%... which is cool, but damn man.. I feel vulnerable on that thing.
Well, I have 2 portal spells now, I can teleport an entire group to Ironforge(Dwarf capital) or Stormwind (human capital). Though the rune of portals costs 20 silver to buy and is used up when cast. :P I'll have to charge people 20 silver each just to use that spell..lol Otherwise they'll be wasting my money.

For New Years, we went to see "Fun with Dick and Jane" which I thought would be totally lame, but was actually really funny. I mean, Jim Carey was in it, so it had to be good..lol. We then went to Sizzler for like $39 worth of food that I paid for..lol :D right when they were 30 minutes from closing. Mmmmmm I love how Shayny keeps her feet in my lap now *blush* she's such a flirt. I can't help but love it.

After all of that, we went home and watched He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! Dan bought me the entire first season of it on DVD. :D I had no idea he would get me something like that for Geekmas! Woo hoo... we spent the next two days watching disk 1 and 3 (there is some kind of defect in disk 2 :(.
I had forgotten how cheesy that show was.. lol but I loved it. :D

He-Man is the man, man. He is completely invincible and defeats everybody with one hit.. LOL :D it's funny to watch these badguys try to fight him. Apparently he can deflect ANY blast of any kind with his sword, can throw boulders around, can pilot a spaceship, and can crush diamonds with his bare hands. :D His Battle-Cat however just usually stands there and roars... LOL :D I love how his alter ego Prince Adam is so gay that he actually wears purple tights, and a pink shirt and has a prince valium haircut. He has everyone totally convinced that he's a cowardly, lazy, buffoon. *laughs* It's the whole superman/clark kent syndrome, only Prince Adam doesn't even wear glasses!!! LOL They look exactly the same!!!!!!! They just have different clothes! LOL

Well, after getting bored and tired of watching endless episodes of that, we went to the beach with Shayny and Alain and Dan and Me. We hung out and had a great time on Bastendorf Beach, and I got to talk with Alain about some serious matters and our lives. Shayny insisted on swimming in the ocean.. which frankly at this time of year, with the storm going on, and that time of night, and this temperature.. is suicidal.. lol I hope we convinced her not to try it. Though her and Dan decided to get wet all the way up to their asses. LOL Alain is going back to Job Corps today, and we won't be able to see him for months. I'll miss him, he's going there to learn how to read and become a carpenter. I hope he succeeds for his sake.

Well, the everything seems to be going well, except this time of year makes me horribly depressed, and my job is stressing me out so bad I can't stand being there anymore. I need to relax... so I'll see everyone later.
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Friday, November 25th, 2005

Subject:My New Holiday! All about "Gaming Day" Or as some people like to call it "Geekmas"
Time:10:57 pm.
Mood: exhausted.
Personally I think "Gaming Day" may be more generic and boring, but it's at least descriptive.. Geekmas sounds like a negative connotation-toting rip off of Christmas.

So now here is my disclaimer:
While Gaming Day may seem obvious or simple, most brilliant things are. And while it may seem like a rip-off of Christmas, it is meant to be a replacement for it for us Atheist Gamer Geeks out there. Or anyone that wants even more holidays to celebrate this season. It is a secular holiday, so anyone can celebrate it, though it is meant for Geeks, Gamers, and Atheists mostly. However, I set it up for everyone.

History of Gaming Day:
Last year, I pissed everyone off, (and frankly they really pissed me off) with the fact that their constant probing as to "What do you want for Christmas" continued to get the same stonewall answer of "Um.. I don't celebrate Christmas.. for the love of God.. I'm an atheist!!! Not only that but I detest the horrible mindless vanity and greed of the season." Of course, jackasses still like to give me presents just to irritate me I think. Buttttt anyway, so it was decided that instead of getting presents for something that is against my religion (and I suppose for this figure of speech, atheism can count as a religion of sorts), that I would make up a new holiday for me and people like me. The great thing about it, is if it's popular enough, and spread out enough, anything can take off, just ask the guys that made up "International Talk Like a Pirate Day" (which incidentally falls on Sept 19th, my birthday).

So after the whole hoopla of Christmas was over, we had our own holiday celebration.. not with our families, but with the people we truly cared about.. our dearest friends. In fact, our gaming group. Which at the time was inseperable. We gave presents, drank Chocolate Nog, ate good food, and played D&D until we passed out (figuratively speaking). And that is the spirit of Geekmas.

So on to the Basics,

Day: The 26th of December, right after you've already opened your Christmas Presents which may contain game systems and you are bored and still on your winter breaks/vacations. (oh yeah, and already sick of your relatives).

The Concept of Gaming Day/Geekmas (I may rename it later if it sounds better as something like Gamephoria or something..lol) :

The celebration of Gaming Day is a celebration of playing games. Board games, card games, video games, computer games, even stupid games like tag and hackeysack. But mostly Video games and RPGs, but anything you consider a game is... fair game. LOL The point of Gaming Day is to spend as much of the day playing games as you possibly can. The whole day if you can, with as many people as you feel comfortable with, usually your close friends. Only relatives if you can actually stand them, because while it CAN be a family holiday, I don't really like my relatives much and didn't invite them..lol so feel free to do the same. You should know who would enjoy it with you anyway. Gamers, geeks, and funloving people.

In addition to gaming the whole day, there is the option of giving Gaming Day presents. Which are not all gaudy like Christmas packages, and can come in plain brown paper wrapping if you want to surprise, or something cool and game related if you can find it. Also, the gifts don't wait around under a tree or anything, you give them in person once the festivities begin and open them immediately to start with.
Guidlines for the presents are simple:
1)No clothing unless it has something to do with gaming such as being similar to something a game character wears, having Nintendo (tm) logos on it, or like having a game character on the shirt or something. Because frankly getting a present of clothing sucks ass, unless it's uber cool.
2)It basically should be game related. This is not a hard fast rule, but it is the spirit of the season. Giving someone a crockpot on gaming day is just lame unless you're going to use it to play some sick crock pot game..lol
3) Nothing Religious or Political.. save that shit for your coffee break.

And remember, these are just guidlines for the holiday, it is a very personal thing that can be customized for whomever celebrates it though. So don't think you can't change it a little for your group, cause you can.

After everyone has opened their presents, we bust out the traditional Geekmas Geek Food.
Such as:
Mountain Dew
Taco Bell
Burger King/McDonalds
(you get the idea.. nothing remotely good for you..lol)

And one major part of the Holiday is a drink that I invented last year for it which is just about the most delicious thing in the world.. it's the official drink of Geekmas (besides Mountain Dew) and it's called:
(recipe) It's really freakin' easy kids.. if you can't make this.. you're too stupid to be a geek

Take one glass
one carton of eggnog
one carton of chocolate milk
and one carton of milk (optional)
and one can of whipped cream (optional)

Fill your glass almost halfway full of eggnog and then fill it almost the rest of the way full with chocolate milk. Stir lightly with a knife or whatever you have handy.. (I guess wussies use a spoon). Now this shit is rich, so you may need to pour a little bit of milk to lighten it up to your taste. Once you have it mixed just right, top it with whipped cream if you got it. DAMN... I am a genius.. enjoy.

No, seriously.. try it.. it's fucking good... trust me.

Now as for the traditional Gaming Day food, anything that's considered really bad junkfood is fair game, and anything takeout is probably alright too. After all, geeks don't have time to cook.. we're lazy! :D

These are some suggestions for the types of games that would be appropriate for Gaming Day:
Dungeons and Dragons
Magic the Gathering
Any Console Video game, such as Mortal Kombat, RPGS, or Mario Kart, Mario party or super smash bros is a really good choice, also I could see enjoying a DBZ Budokai tournament with 8 players.
Vampire the Masquerade
Werewolf The Apocalypse
Hell, baseball if that's what you're into, though this is really not about sports.

Some Lame/Bad choices for gaming day:
Bingo.. (god.. what are you.. 80?)
Hackeysack.. (that is sooooooo boring.. that's like 7th grade playground stuff, but whatever floats your boat)
Tic Tac Toe (it's a good choice, but it only lasts so long.. and kinda too simplistic..only 2 players too)
Any kind of sport.. if we were into sports, we wouldn't be real geeks, now would we?

Like I said, these are doable choices, but poor.. like chess... I mean, sure if you only have 2 people there and they are big fans.. go for it, you could even give a decorative chess board as a gift. However, in a large group, you're just going to be the 2 annoying people oblivious in a corner somewhere. ;D

It's all about togetherness of antisocial people for the joy of escapism. And eating junkfood... lots of junkfood.

Okay now one more thing about Geekmas, you have to do one group thing that is mildly intellectual. Talk about a book, watch a deep film and have a discussion, visit a museum, go tot he library, something. Last year we went to the flower gardens to see the christmas lights, but it was more educational than .. say.. staying at home and digging the earwax out of our ears. (lovely visual.. anyway, pressing on).
It doesn't necessarily have to be boring, just go out and learn something new for the holiday. After all, geeks are smart, and if they rot their brains ALL the time.. they'll cease to be geeks and just become braindead hillbillys with X-box's.

And for decorations for geekmas, I would suggest, posters of anime characters, video game characters, etc. Put your game systems out on display for use during the festivities, make sculptures out of your spare dice, put your war miniatures in special formation, deck the halls with old controllers.. hell.. be creative, I can't think of everything. :D In fact, make some suggestions and I will consider adding them to the permanent legend of this holiday.

I know some of you are going to say.. Well.. hey, what about Sake and booze, man.. it's not a holiday without booze. Well that's up to you.. You can play all the drunk tetris attack you want, just don't blame it on me when you barf in the cheetos. Officially Gaming Day is a non-alcoholic holiday just because well.. most smart people don't drink, unless they are excruciatingly smart.. and they need to drown out the stupid. :D And if you do drink, you're dumb enough to drink.. :P lol (I apologize in advance for the hate mail that will get me). Anyway, I realize that every holiday will eventually revolve around alcohol for some people, so feel free.. just remember, I set it up to be alcohol free, and what you do with a fifth of whiskey behind an eighteen wheeler is between you and whatever people you hit.. and whatever god you believe in.. and your warden. :D

Also you should find time during the day to watch at least one really geeky movie. Be it Spaceballs, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings (HEY, IT MAY BE ONE OF THE COOLEST MOVIES EVER, BUT IT'S ALSO ABOUT FANTASY, AND THAT IS WHAT WE GAMER GEEKS ARE ALL ABOUT!!) The Matrix has my full endorsement, Legend, Labyrinth, hell anything with fantasy, sci-fi, or geek stuff. And anything Montey Python or Mel Brooks is definately okay for this holiday.. plus anime is a sure bet.

Other than that, Geekmas/Gaming Day is all about being together with your close friends, exchanging GOOD gifts, eating junkfood and choconog, and playing games till we pass out.

Feel free to celebrate this with your friends and family and continue the tradition. It was made last year in 2004, and we will celebrate it this year, as well. Keep in mind.

1) it's non-religious, so anyone can celebrate it.. even people who celebrate Christmas.
2) It's about being together and having fun.. don't let the competition become too cutthroat, though fierce competition is what makes this hand of mine glow burning red... IT'S LOUD ROAR TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! ...... um.. *blink* anyway, don't be a prick about it.
3) Drink Choco-nog, you know you want to.. I swear it's good.
4) This holiday is still in it's infant stages, but I think this is enough to go with for now. Any contributions to what you think it should be like will be noted and either integrated with praise, put on the backburner for future reference, or summarily tossed out and ridiculed. ;-) LOL
5)This is not intended to be a ripoff of Christmas, more like a game oriented alternative to those of us who have decided long ago that these holidays suck and want to make our own.
6)Oh yeah, and try not to make it too commercial.. that's one of the things I hate about Christmas.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not send me Christmas gifts... I AM AN ATHEIST!!!!
I don't celebrate Christmas.. and now.. to make sure it sinks in to the enormously thick skulls that some people have. I DON'T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS, I DON'T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS, DON'T GET ME CHRISTMAS PRESENTS BECAUSE I DON'T CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS. I DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD, I DO NOT CELEBRATE JESUS'S BIRTHDAY, I DON'T LIKE GREEDY CORPORATE BULLSHIT, DON'T BUY ME CHRISTMAS PRESENTS.... I HATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEE CHRISTMASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Oh did I mention that maybe a Christmas present to me would be as about as inappropriate as giving a briss to an Arab? Giving Hannuka presents to the Pope? .. giving porn to a minor.. it's just fucking wrong people. SO please stop doing it.

If you are desperate to get me something. Get me a gaming day present. That means you truly love me.. because you actually listened to what I want, instead of what it is culturally assumed I want.

I just call December 25th "Sock and Underwear Day" anyway.. cause that's what I usually get anyway..lol and that is ALL the significance it has to me now.

By the way, Gaming Day is not about the obligation of giving for the sake of giving. It is about giving something that someone close to you will really like because you know who they are and what they like. Given because you truly care about them and not because some dumb holiday demands it. Which is why Gaming Day presents are strictly optional and should only be given at one's own discretion.

Okay.. I think I've ranted enough about that.. tell me what you think (if you can wade through all of that) I would be happy to hear some suggestions, comments, or whatnot. I'd also love to know if anyone is going to celebrate it with me. Goodnight.
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Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

Subject:One day after the breakdown.
Time:3:12 pm.
*sighs* I think I had a psychotic episode yesterday. The pressure of my life, and my job, the cruelty of my customers, the diabolical nature of the corporation I work for, and the inescapable doom that is my life.... finally got to me.. and I cracked.

Um.. there was a lot of thrashing and singing.. and noises.. and um... Whitney Houstin involved.. um.. I don't want to talk about it... *thinks back on it, and chuckles to himself* Oh man, am I fucked up... anyway, I've had about a half of a day to recover.. though I have been lashing out at people lately... mostly my family and friends. *sighs* These people.. they get on my nerves so bad. Sure, they profess to care about me, but they refuse to leave me alone when I need it. No wonder I want to kill them half of the time.

Alain called me an asshole today.. which is pretty extreme considering he practically worships me sometimes. He just wanted to chat with me.. or come visit, since he has to go for a long time in a couple weeks. He's joining Job Corp, and I probably won't see him for a long time. The truth is, I don't want to see him. I'm sick of everybody. I don't want to hang out with anyone. It pisses me off that people refuse to leave me alone when I need it. All I did was tell him to go away because I was trying to enjoy my weekend alone. Nobody understands the way I feel. *sighs deeply*.

Every day I am bombarded with people, their words, their problems, their inane chatter, their complaining, their demands, their bullshit. All day long, people turn to me to fix their issues, lower their bills, buy them lunch, let them borrow money, listen to their problems.... and most of all drop whatever I'm doing and pay attention to them indefinately.

They are stealing my life away from me. Forcing... yes.. FORCING me to do what they want against my will. Now, before you spew a big creamy load of bullshit about how it's my own fault, hear me out. You people don't understand what it's like to have people you know.. people you love.. people all around you all wanting you at the same time. Wanting you to do things with them, talk to them, eat with them, pay for them, sleep over, hang out, chat on the phone, chat on the net. It's getting so that I have NO time to myself. I can barely even sleep with World of Warcraft and all it's pressures and lures.

And every time I try to spend some time alone. Oh.. just a moment.. I have to go.. Dan is here to take me to a movie.
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Monday, October 3rd, 2005

Subject:Oh man, Caffeine withdrawal headaches suck so bad.
Time:9:41 am.
Mood: accomplished.
Apparently I've grown violently addicted to caffeine during my stint at my current job. I have not had any for what ..a day or two now? And I'm already geting painful headaches and the emotional need for soda. Now, logically, I know how evil soda is for me, and how much damage it does to me. But PAIN and DESIRE and ADDICTION are very persuasive as well. Though as I don't like being under the control of anything except for a beautiful mistress with perfect feet... I will resist it as much as I can. I'd rather feel the pain than give in to an addiction.

I finally made it up to level 30 in World of Warcraft! Actually...level 31 to be precise, (level 30-31 went so quick, strangely enough). This unlocked a whole bunch of possibilities for Dareas (my mage character). I purchased some new spells like Fireball Level 6, Ice armor (adds over 200 armor to me, AND frost resistance AND slows opponents that touch me), Pyroblast level 3 which does about 330 max damage from 41 yards away and can stun (wow..I love that), and the ability to conjure spring water which is my level 4 mana restoring drink restores over 1000 mana in about 28 seconds. I also might be able to buy a hat for my character (not sure about that) and I finally got the teleport spell for Darnassus (in addition to ironforge and stormwind) Now I can teleport all over the world to the 3 major friendly cities.
9 more levels and I'll be able to buy a horse and open portals to those cities that others could enter. Woo hoo! My character is so cool. I have a cool sword now, and a big horned skull that I hold in my off hand that reflects shadow damage back on my attackers sometimes, and plus it boosts my armor by 50.

Well pretty soon at work I'll be getting another raise for being there for about six months, a 25 cent/hour raise so I'll be making $8.25/hour with as much overtime as I can stomach. I also put in a bid to change my schedule so that I don't have to come in at 5:30 am on Saturdays. I hope to push that back to 6:00am, because I've been late every single saturday since I got there. LOL

I bought a bunch of DVDs that I like recently since my DVD collection was sadly lacking. I bought True Lies, Napolean Dynomite, Beatlejuice (I know that's spelled wrong, so sue me), Monty Python and the quest for the Holy Grail, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigalow, Jackass the Movie, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, The Fugitive, Liar Liar, Me Myself and Irene, and Fight Club.
I think those are all purchase-worthy films. And if you don't like them.. then too bad for you. LOL
Well.. except for Napolean Dynomite, I hadn't seen that one until just yesterday.. Not sure if I'd buy it again had I seen it. But it was pretty good.

Dan and his new roommate Shaney and I went to go see the Corpse Bride this Saturday, it was pretty great, though it seemed very generic and predictable at parts. However, I still liked it and thought it was very cool. Plus both of the chicks in that movie were super duper hot. Yes, I'm refering to the main character's love interest, AND the corpse bride. I don't care if you think I'm sick.. she was fucking HOT ... for undead.. and Dan agrees with me.

Well.. I guess I'd better go back to my World Of Warcraft and spend my weekend like I want to. Blasting the forces of evil into tiny little burning pieces and then freezing those pieces till they shatter into more pieces, and then teleporting away like I was never there. :D
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Monday, September 5th, 2005

Subject:Labor Day rocks way more when you have a job!
Time:12:13 pm.
Mood: calm.
This is what I've done so far this Labor Day weekend. Friday, I worked, since well.. I work on Fridays.
Saturday, I worked as well, since I work on Saturdays too. Saturday at around 4pm, my friend James and I went to the bowling alley and played for about an hour. Which was really fun, considering I never get to do that with anyone. I ordered a hamburger and some weird circular fries, and bowled in lane 12. (and of course, the requisite joke: I had 12 pound blue balls. LMFAO!) James had a pretty good average score of around 120, whereas my first game guess how many points I got? ..... 15! Yes, I'm not lying.. FIFTEEN points for the whole game. O.O;; god I suck.. lol I thought I'd never get past that first five that I did. Second game, I doubled my score to a 41 or so.. and next game I doubled my score again to an 83. When we were running out of time, we had a joke going that James was the master of the 2 frame perfect game. He rolled a strike for the first two frames, and then we ran out of time..lol Two frame, perfect game. heheheheheh.

After that, James and I went to Bounty Hunter Games, to see their new location, and hang out there. I wound up purchasing a $50 miniatures carrying bag, $45 worth of paints and brushes, a $14 Magic the Gathering online game, and I also ordered $200 worth of Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy stuff by catalogue. I'm planning on getting back into Warhammer, I just never had any money so I couldn't afford any models for it before. So this time I bought the boxed starter set, (which comes with a human and orc army plus instructions book, dice, etc), I bought a boxed orc army that they had for sale, and the codex (book on how to use that army) for the Orcs. Soon, my horde of orcs will be a playable force. Now I will just have to wait for them to ship, and then paint the bejeezus out of them (if I ever have time). I know that nobody in the area really plays Warhammer Fantasy ... but I DO. I don't give a shit about W.H.40K because I'm not that much of a sci-fi buff. I prefer swords and sorcery, thank you. James is into 40K, and he won't quit trying to get me into it.. so We'll see. The Orks in 40k have really cool war machines, so we'll see.

After that, James and I went back to his place and watch a hilarious movie called "Kung Fu Hustle". His Dad made us some really good chicken dinner, and we hung out chatting about Magic, and Warcraft, and had a great time. Then he drove me home and I went to bed.

Sunday, I woke up around 6:30 am (which is when I normally work) and decided to watch some of the movies I bought last Friday at Sam Goody when James and I were hanging out at the mall. So I popped in my DVDs and watched La Blue Girl 1&2 for the first time, and then had a nice home cooked breakfast. I spent most of the day watching "Dead Like Me" with my Dad, which I absolutely loved. Dead Like Me is a show on HBO about a girl who gets killed by a falling toilet seat from the MIR space station, and becomes a Grim Reaper. Her and her fellow reapers hang out at a waffle house every morning to get their assignments on little yellow post-it notes. Then they go find their victim, and they must touch them with the death ripple to remove the soul from the body before the person dies. Otherwise the soul will feel whatever kills them and be scarred by whatever damage it does to the body. Example, if they don't get there in time to remove your soul before you slice your head off while working on the lawn mower, you feel the full effects of it and your ghost will be headless forevermore. It's actually the best TV show I've ever seen, and my Dad bought it on DVD, so we've been watching it. It's dramatic, it's funny, the chicks are hot, the characters are deep, and I cry in nearly every episode. Not only that, but someone is almost guaranteed to die in every episode. :-) In fact, most likely several someones, if not a whole truckload. lol

After that I watched some episodes of an anime I also bought called Golden Boy, and we had a barbecue in the backyard. Mmmm we had bratwurst and hamburgers, and special potatoe salad. Yum.. I had some leftovers of that for breakfast this morning.

Then for dessert, I met up with an online girlfriend of mine whom I haven't seen for a very very very long time, and we rocked each other's worlds out of the blue. Oh Adria, you're such a good woman, *squirms just thinking about it* It meant a lot to me, falling asleep in your loving arms.

Which brings us to this morning. It's Labor Day, and I haven't done jack shit. I've slept nearly all day up to this point. I wake up every two hours to use the bathroom and get a drink, but other than that... I'm wearing a hole in my matress as we speak, and I love it. Thank you Grover Cleveland.. it is your desperate attempt to quell the political labor rebellions that allows me to sit on my ass today. *sighs happily* Hey, enjoy your Labor Day, people died protesting for this... an 8 hour work day, and the day off once a year. Don't disgrace their memory by working on this fine day. Have a barbecue with your family... or just do nothing at all. Being as I hate working so much, I am certainly down with this kind of holiday.

Enjoy! I'm going to see if I can cook a little something and then go up to level 26 in Warcraft.
But though it will be hard.. that my friends, is a labor of love.
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Monday, August 15th, 2005

Subject:Let me be your footstool.
Time:2:50 am.
Mood: amused.
Please please, let me be your Footstool, mistress I beg of you just keep me under your soles.
Please please, and wiggles your toes right on my nose, then use them to take off my clothes.
Don't you see, there's nowhere on earth that I really would rather be. Than right on the floor, with you looking down on me.

Use your shoes, or stockings, or socks, or whatever you choose. Don't mind me, I'll be waiting right here so quiet and patiently for your touch, as you lean forward out of sight. With feet on my chest, and muffled protest, you leave me in darkness and scoot farther into your desk.

I can't see, as darkness and quiet completely encircles me, but I know, that soon you'll be restless and rub your soft feet on me. I don't know, whether I will mean anything to you, but all I know, is that I feel true happiness only by serving you. In this way I love you.

Please please, let me be your footslave, mistress I beg of you just keep me under your toes.
Please please, just tie me up under your soles, I'm totally trapped and exposed.
Helpless to you, bound by my need for you, giving my dignity up for the chance to just kiss the ground that you walk upon. Knowing you won't even care.

You'll make me rub them and paint them and scrub them, lick them and slick them and kiss them and hug them. Dress them and pull off your old sweaty boots, to lotion them, lick them, or simply just worship them.
And I do it so happily, quiet and diligent, I do what you wish without even a protesting moan.

And all in return, for just a short while, I am the only one in your eye. I am your most valued treasured possession, used and abused, but never ignored. Even with your toes stuffed in my mouth, you look down on me and might even love me. For it's hard to ignore it when someone adores you with all of their heart.

Please please, let me be your lover, treat me like carpet and then take me into your bed. I lie, in wait of the day that you'll see, that all I do out of love isn't only for me. And maybe in darkness and under the covers the tables will turn and you'll be under another, held down against the sheets with a daring and loving embrace.

And the rush that you get when you make love to someone whom you would give everything, even your dignity for, is the greatest most heart pounding feeling, better than any drug. Press your feet against my face as I shake, and I know that I still belong to you.. even though you are under my control.

God.. I must not have had any good cyber in a while. *yawns* I think I'll post this as a lark.
I've already exposed most of the sick twisted nature of my soul.. why not more? :D I know a few people this might get off. :D Feel free to leave a remark if this turns you on or disgusts you. I'm sure it will be amusing either way. ;-)
It was sorta meant as a song or a poem, but I tend to ramble, so it's probably not anymore. lol
Though usually my sex online is way better than that, though it does captures some of the essence of it.
yes, I know I'm a freak.. so sue me.
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Subject:Free Form Verbal Blight.
Time:1:43 am.
Mood: dirty.
What poisonous words, and venomous tongue, and villainous mind have I.
For filthy and dirty, and messy, and flirty, my speech burns a hole in the sky.
With malice a chalice of prose overflows, and cleaner I've seen her while blowing her nose,
I cry with with my eye looking up to the sky and I spy something nigh as my mind summons death upon high.
And I might do a slight as I smite what is right with a might in my spite I blight out the light in the night.
I don't fear what is near as you steer away clear from me, I swear what is there is the darkness I bear on me.
So look here and listen as a poisonous glisten begins to spread quickly and coat your head sickly from words that I say and the venom that sprays as I cover your face with an acidic paste and I fill up your mind with all of the hate I can find.
Deep in my heart where the rancor will start, and I thought you were smart, but you're soul's a-la-carte to me. And once you are dead I will set up a spread and feed you instead to the demons in my head, they taunt and they whisper, and tell me to kiss her, while still disemboweling and scratching and scowling. I don't really care, I'll rip out your hair, and laugh it's not there, as I point and I stare, I love you I swear but I guess I'm just cruel that way. So don't be a tease, Devil likes what he sees, so get on your knees, and pray that you please me. Cause I'm in the way of your righteous salvation, and just one more thing for your quick contemplation, that your salivation on my masturbation leaves soul mutilations without restoration. I'll slap and I'll clap as I crap in your lap, and I nap with you rapping, tapping, and muffled cries coming from under the bed as I leave you handcuffed and I dream of doing it again.
I tear and I tear at your sanity there, and I don't really care if it wears on you wears on you, for the
darkness I bear it will scare and it can't be repaired.
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Subject:Bloody Smear
Time:12:44 am.
Mood: stressed.
Bloody Smear
By David Sharp
I'm pretty sure the person this is dedicated to can easily recognize it.

Standing there, looking so smug,
You think it's all figured out but with just one tug,
it comes crashing down.

You think it's me, you think I'm mean,
You think it's I that orchestrates this scene,
But it's not me.

I didn't make it, I didn't start it,
I didn't break it from what it was before.
That was all you.

And now you fall, increase in speed,
and soon you'll crash from your own misdeed.
So don't blame me.

I won't take it, and I don't make it, and when you shake it... it always falls on me.. but not today.

So now you're mad, it makes me sad,
I'd rather change it back to make us glad...
It's not up to me.

You slit your wrists, the cliff it calls,
And you expect me to catch your blood as it falls.
It stains my face.

Well I don't want it, and I don't need it, and I won't take it as you dig yourself a hole.. and you bury me.

Just like a tree, against the wind,
You stand your ground and you wont relent,
Until you break.

You're spread so thin, the state you're in,
It won't surprise me if you end up in a garbage bin.
Before too long.

And I can't help it, cause I don't do it, and I say screw it if you think I'm gonna be your net... when you jump.

Why don't you just close you're eyes, and see if I'm there waiting when you fall.
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Monday, August 8th, 2005

Subject:By popular demand I'll say something... however I won't be long.
Time:8:53 pm.
Mood: discontent.
Okay so apparently people want to know how I'm doing. So I guess I'll say something. There isn't really much to tell.

I work from 6am to 3 or 4pm walk to Dan's apartment, hang out there with him for about an hour or two till 5 or 6pm, get a ride home, watch some porn, cook and eat dinner till about 7:30pm, play world of Warcraft till about 9pm... go to sleep.. wash rinse repeat. That's all I do every day.

I don't really have time for anything anymore. *shrugs* My job and my friends are consuming my entire life. On the weekends they expect me to game with them, until basically when I have to work. Now, I'm not complaining, I enjoy our games, and I do it willingly. However, as a result I have little to no time to myself at all.

I realize now what it must be like to have children.. You would have to sacrifice everything for them. All of your time, money, friends, sex, freedom, freedom to be as immoral as you want, freedom to be slovenly and lazy. Everything that I hold dear. I'm thinking that me ever having kids would be a big mistake. They are like an atomic bomb on your life. And like pets, they destroy everything when you aren't looking, crap all over the place, eat constantly, make lots of noise, and are never grateful in the end. :P I really don't see the point. So you created another human being? Big whoop, there are 16 billion of them out there.. what do you want, a cookie?

Anyway, I digress... I bought a new game "Rumble Roses" which I think Cherry would cream herself over repeatedly. It's a game where hot chicks dressed up in kinky outfits wrestle with each other and do lots of revealing moves and even has a cheesy plot in the background. Not too impressive as far as wrestling games go, but then again, I didn't buy it for gameplay. :D My favorites so far are the punk schoolgirl, the cheerleader, and the teacher. I also kinda like the chick dressed up like a female version of Daredevil. She's not bad.. though I'm not one much for red leather; I would prefer black, or brown.

I also got some new D&D books.. Lords of madness (The book with all the abberations in it), and the Epic Level Handbook. So we should be able to make level 21+ characters now. Not that we'll ever get that high up. But hey, we can if it ever happens.

I also bought 4 Voltaire CD's, which I'm listening to right now. After hearing the songs "When you're evil", "Dead Girls Like me", and "Sexy Data Tango" I just had to have all of his albums. :-) I'm enjoying them very much. I wallow in the simply evil lyrics. It soothes my dark soul a little more each time I hear it.

As far as women go, I really don't have time for them anymore. I barely have time to sleep, I don't have time to go food shopping, and I may have money to go on dates, but I'm too exhausted to really do anything most of the time. Not to mention I've been off my diet and gained like 40 pounds. I really don't feel comfortable with people near me in that state. I think a woman would just make me lose my job and irritate me right now. Probably piss off all of my friends too, and get annoyed with me since I work all the time. And that's assuming the actual relationship itself was fine. Ugh.. human mating is a breeding ground for unnecessary violence, drama, and hatred. Just like money and religion... it brings out the very worst in people.

I don't know.. maybe I should get my own place. This room is getting more and more full of my stuff. I can't get in here anymore without stepping on my stuff. I need more room, and I'm sick of everyone getting annoyed with me that I have money to throw around. Seems like I have to be a poor bastard to fit in. So I might as well get an apartment... or something. Fuck I would have so much more time if I had a car and didn't have to wait all day for a ride. I may have to get these things out of necessity. But I've been trying so hard not to add any money Siphoning things to my life. *shrugs* I don't know.

Either way, my job sucks ass, but at least it pays well, and my ass grows almost too fat to fit in my size 50 jeans. My boots and belt are falling apart and I feel sick and anemic all the time. Miguel probably hates me for not watching anime with him this weekend, kyle and alain probably hate me for never hanging out with them anymore, cherry is annoyed with me for not tying her up lately and for not writing anything here, I'm sure Roland is probably hurt that I haven't messaged him in a long time, my dad is mad at me ever since I went to lunch that one day with some friends and just decided not to come back to work till the next day, My Dad's girlfriend is annoyed that I'm always calling her to get a ride after work (like I have another choice), and Dan is annoyed with me for many justifyable reasons which I'm not even going to bother listing. Ugh.. I'm sure that everyone hates me right now... so...

um.. I guess I'll just say that I'm sorry for being too busy for everyone, rude, obnoxious, and throwing my money around. I never wanted this stupid job to begin with, and now that I have money, I really don't give a crap about it. I throw it around like it was confetti. I'm only working because I have to, I hate it, and I wish I was never gullible enough to be suckered into it. Yay, now I can slit my wrists with $100 bills instead of a sharp stick. :P (I didn't mean that, I'm just annoyed). God I hate my job.

God I hate God.
God I hate the fact that I say God even though I don't believe in God.
God I hate that people think that an atheist using popular religious figures of speech is hypocrisy.
God god god god god god god damn it. My life sucks.
What good is money when you have no time to spend it, and you're all alone... *sighs*
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Monday, June 13th, 2005

Subject:well, this is most likely goodbye.
Time:12:55 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Okay, so I finally got Doom3, a new Yugioh game for my gameboy, I'm about to sign up for Magic the gathering online, AND I just set up my World of Warcraft account.. Not only that, but I have a full time job which is always wanting me to work overtime.

So basically.. I'm never going to see anyone ever again. :-)
So, please forgive me as I am sucked away into other worlds indefinately.

*shrugs* not as if anything too terribly interesting was happening in real life anyway.

But like I said.. once I get world of warcraft, no one will ever see me again.
I shall fully embrace the MMORPG-Hermit lifestyle. For it is the way I was meant to live. :-)

Farewell, human mortals. I shall write you all once in a while..

Now.. I'm off to become a legend.

BTW, the first day of World of Warcraft was fucking sweet.
I created a human wizard character called "Dareas" pronounced DARE-e-us, and the first thing I did was strip down to my underwear and go streaking and bounding through Stormwind keep in the buff.. The hilarious thing was, that I immediately met up with a hot goth looking chick as I was sitting on the abby bench with no pants on.. (funny though there was a glitch that made it look like his legs were inside the wood of the bench..lol) and she thought I was funny and stripped down to bounce along with me. LOL That was so awesome LOL. Then I sat on the front steps of the temple in the nude and just started laughing maniacally, and sobbing randomly, and freaking everyone out.. LOL Ahh... life is so much more fun online. The sweet sweet "WTF?? .... LMAO!!!"'s from other people make me happy.

I got up to level 5 and have been soloing as a wizard... then I met up with a few cute girl mages and teamed up off and on with them. I gave a bunch of people some free armor that I found, and some free mana potions that I conjured with my spell.. and made a few friends..

Damn that game is awesome... Like.. better than morrowind awesome.. like better than Ragnarok awesome.. like better than sex awesome. Like, better than sugar awesome.

I think I found my new purpose in life .. to play this game. :)

See you all later.. or more likely... I probably won't see you at all later. Goodbye.
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